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Tehran subway map

Failures, one after another

Iran is placed in front of all good and good only because it is required for some governments. In fact, the Islamic Republic stands firmly on his feet, not only because of questionable nuclear weapons, but also because people in this country are ready to do everything for his people. So it was with the subway in Tehran, the capital of the republic. Even 15 years ago, nobody could not have imagined that the city will have a powerful underground. However, the construction of the new facility began in the late nineties. If you find fault with the dates, the beginning of the project lies in the seventies. But the reasons for the subway was never built, are on everyone's mind. First, the original construction was interrupted by the Revolution, then, a couple of years later, construction was resumed, but was again interrupted by the now war between Iran and Iraq. As a result, the normal construction work only began in the nineties, after all the military conflicts have been exhausted. Due to the fact that the situation is finally normalized, Metro began to build a very high speed. For example, the 1999 was created almost 50 kilometers of lines, and by 2008 Metro acquired a length of 120 kilometers, which were hidden in four subway lines, dispersed throughout the city. If you look at the subway map, you can see that the lines in different directions, some of which form a ring, or rather the line loopback, which do not consist of one branch, but a few.

Simple and easy

One of these rings - is the central intersection of the yellow and blue branches. You will also have a ring which is formed by the Orange branch, which is currently under construction, and the red line, which crosses the city line chord from north to south. As a result, so far there is only one small ring, which is a bit remote from the city center. Due to the fact that other branches are widely spread in different directions from the center of the city, they cover a very large area, and therefore the number of passengers in Tehran metro is always great - approximately two million people every day. Moreover, for the year gradually accumulates 425 million, that is, 2 million is quite average, but, nevertheless, the total number is still at a very high level. And because the subway in Tehran planned to develop the old plan, which stated that the city should have 8 branches. At the moment it has only four branches, and built another. Number of stations is 67 pieces. Not so much for the big city, but so far missing. Through this arrangement, and so many stations, subway Tehran works quite well. In particular, for the time of the underground work has never been observed any violations and any failures that could seriously affect the progress of work on the new branch, as well as the train schedule. And because the underground of Tehran, despite the fact that he is in a very dangerous area for its geopolitical location, can be considered fairly safe underground. So we can say though, because the subway was not a single terrorist or high-profile crimes. Because the underground in Tehran is really good. And its development in the near future will not keep you waiting.

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