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Shiraz subway map

Speedy completion of construction

In Iran there are not only ready to subways, which are already playing a major role in the formation of a transport stream, but still unfinished objects which are being prepared for launch in the near future. Among these projects, which are pretty much in the country, there is the underground city of Shiraz. Here, the subway is built for 11 years, but the period of its construction is nearing an end, and therefore we can say that the subway is to be opened this year. Some people even do not hesitate to call the specific opening date, the number of words in December or August (depending on the source). But one thing is certain: This Subway is ready to have more than 90%, and therefore the term could delay its launch only some kind of cataclysm. Fortunately for the builders, are now in the region do not have such serious problems that were 15 back, but everything is done to weaken the country's economic potential. However, the underground construction is quite active, regardless of how much money in the treasury of the state. Once the project started, it must be completed, such an immutable rule that always works in Iran. For this reason, in the country is built and completed to the end, and projects that have not lived up to its launch date, now almost none. As for the current subway, he had difficulty with the money only at the beginning of its path. Now, there are no problems with money, and it is very important for the construction of the subway, as well as for residents. Generally, if you look at the underground part, it seems that his build is very long and complicated, but here the construction of the underground came up with a completely different approach. Here, the subway built in two parts of the city, with subway connects after the passage of separate parts, which means that the accuracy is close to perfect. Subway in the northern part of the city built an open way, in the south metro erupts with drilling machines, and this deep-underground, which gradually passes into the subway ground.

The two parts of the metro

For the purity of the experiment was done as follows: Metro built simultaneously in two parts of the city. But the construction went on the same plan. As a result, at this time exactly connected to the rails, and for the completion of the work requires a complete design of stations and the presence of a certain number of cars for the full operation of underground rolling stock. Due to the fact that the country already has experience of buying cars from other countries, and equally the experience turned out successful and unsuccessful, since the Chinese cars have been purchased, and delivery of cars from Russia have been thwarted. So because of this experience can be for a short time to get a sufficient number of wagons for trains. In general, the subway in Shiraz will cost much cheaper than underground neighbors. In about half the cost will be underground in Shiraz than the metros of China. In order to make the subway more convenient not to resort to automatic systems. To do so will only create an exact schedule grid, which is practiced in other cities of Iran - which means that the subway in the city will always be walking on a specific schedule, which will never be violated. As a result, you will create an underground that people will just be more convenient to use just this kind of transport, rather than some other, which can create traffic jams on the streets.

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