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Mashhad subway map

Industrial Underground

Second in Iran is in the underground city of Mashhad, the second largest city of Iran. It is here, it was decided to build another station, because at that time there were no more cities, which could afford to build subways. So here, in April 2011 was completed subway, which took place around the city a small branch, bringing together the different parts of the city. Many experts argue about what it is - an easy subway or city train, because of different definitions are equally suitable, and that, and more. However, most are inclined to the option that is easy subway, which runs only in the world. All 19 miles are flat on the ground and will not go deep, because the other options in the planning of it was not simple - the creation of a large depth of the tunnels for the country unprofitable, but dig shallow tunnels is dangerous due to the nature of soils. It was therefore decided, on which all the lines were laid right on the ground. Subway construction took only a few years, and so cheaply it was built underground. Given the fact that the subway in Mashhad has different features of urban transport, it must be assumed that the subway - is really good because it moves around the city with a fairly high rate, but this does not prevent it from moving so smoothly that the passengers did not feel any discomfort when moving. Thanks to the excellent course, the subway can become the most convenient metro systems in the Asian part of the world. Of course, now has a plan for further development of the underground Mashhad, because a branch - it's too small for a city that is a major industrial center. Therefore, to fully meet the needs of residents of the city, the subway will be increased gradually by introducing each new branch of the subway alone, but all at once. Consequently, the new branch will provide an instant increase in passenger numbers in the tens of thousands of people, and because their construction is not delayed indefinitely.

The severity of and compliance with all rules

What can we say about himself underground, even when its future is painted so clearly and strongly? First, the metro in Mashhad is made in such a way that it moves not only fast and very gently, but in fact is never late. It is here made precise calculations on which train drivers can easily control the time of departure and arrival of the train to a station. There is not even planned to create any automated system, since the skill of drivers is simply beyond comparison. What can I say about the ease of control train. For passengers, in turn, there are many other amenities that are sure to appreciate, when the train will be. The main feature of the local trains - that's what they were brought here directly from China. Generally, this is the first experience of Chinese exports to the subway cars from the country. But it does not Subway in Mashhad worse, on the contrary, Chinese cars are just comfortable enough. And here are the standard rules of behavior on trains, as well as in other Islamic countries. In other words, we cannot smoke, drink, eat, and sit in the women's coaches. So if you know the rules of behavior on the subway at least one Islamic country, you can easily go to any other country.

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