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Delhi subway map

10 years of development

Delhi - a fairly large city in India, which is very densely populated, and because it is constantly observed not only traffic jams and accidents, but also a lot of problems that have plagued the modern city. This pollution and noise: all this hurts people's lives. However, problems began to partially resolve when New Delhi began to build the subway. His first station was opened in 2002. Almost in the same year, Metro has continued to grow and for 10 years, he has grown exponentially, creating a network of lines that cross the city inside out and make some semblance of a circular line in the center of the city. All these lines were built very quickly, because the need for a large metropolitan city is always in the first place. Now Metro in Delhi is the second, because it just overtakes the metro in Calcutta. But this is only on the date of construction. For all other parameters of the Delhi Metro in the first place - this means that the city is fairly large, and therefore uses the subway a lot of people. Well, let's look at the benefits of Indian metro.

Largest in India

Looking at the subway in Delhi, we can say that it is huge for 12 years of construction - as much as 189 kilometers of railways, which are 70 per cent are under the earth, and all the other stations - land. Thus, 130 kilometers of roads have been laid under the ground, and each year were laid about 10 miles. Not every country can create such a pace of construction, therefore, deserves some praise. Metro in Delhi has turned out so long is because it connects the city with a variety of suburbs, which are located on opposite sides of the city - to get there, now you just take the subway rather than seek other transportation, and broil in the sun. Under the ground is much easier to go - there you can go fast and cool, because the subway in New Delhi - is not just underground, is a system of high-speed subway, which has a higher rate than the metro in the ordinary way. Therefore, the distance to travel under the city can be faster than even if you move under the city by private car. What else can be added - once the metro is in the first place, something led him there. First of all, the first place, this subway deserves because he is carrying almost two million people a day. Second, the Metro has a much greater length than the metro in Calcutta, which means that the subway all the main parameters of its main competitor bypasses, which was built a little earlier. But nothing can be done, the most important - is the presence of the subway in the city, otherwise the problem was much bigger, so the fact that New Delhi is the subway at all - it's much more important than the position of the subway in any rankings. It was built very quickly, too, developed, passengers it carries too much, so no problems here at all. 6 main lines are bent on the map in different directions, trying to capture as many settlements on its way to bring people out in the big city next door. As a result, all six branches pass through the city on both sides, so the efficiency is at the height of the subway.

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