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Calcutta subway map

The first subway in India

India's first underground has appeared in Calcutta. Construction began in 1984 when the first section of the line length is only 4 kilometers was put into operation. At four kilometers was only 5 stations. For a lot of it was a little, but then, after only a month, passed the second section, which added to the first line of two and three kilometers of the station. As a result of the nineties there was already a big stretch of 16 kilometers, on which trains could run a great distance and large capacity, yet in India there are not so little. In the future, Subway grew and developed, so no problems. Initially, only problem was with the tickets. If the track is only 4 kilometers, which enjoyed only a few thousand inhabitants, it was quite a cashier with the tickets, then later, when the line has grown and has become a lot more trains, then sell the tickets took an entirely different way. So after a while, especially in the mid-nineties, are beginning to be introduced more sophisticated methods of payment. Also, there are turnstiles first, then profit has grown because it has become much less "hares," who loved to ride for free. What can I say, the metro in Calcutta to take root in the country as something new and unknown, which required a lot of new people who are accustomed to go to other means of transport and to live differently.

The changes in the lives of citizens

Now when in life it's underground, had to live very differently, in particular, to abandon their traditional way of life. If earlier it was possible to walk through the city on foot, found that even the older generation, but now without the subway just anywhere - always have to travel to your destination only to the subway, go down into the ground and sit on the train. Problems with the subway in the country were numerous. Under the ground was very unstable ground, which was always the cause of many accidents on the road. It was not only breaks in the line circuit, but even of derailment, when a lot of people perished. At present, the element is under relative control, which allows trains to go with a great peace of mind for passengers than ever before. In any case, the local station is entirely local. It was built local workers, iron and concrete were also his, even cars themselves are made on a nearby factory. It was calculated that the subway would be sufficient only 250 standing and 54 seats, thus more than 300 people can simultaneously be in the car, with an area exceeding 60 square meters. All the cars to a man were created at the factory. In total, there are 4 cars, so every part of the state to carry about 1,200 passengers at a time. The number is very large, metro looks pretty close, but the main thing - it's time to work, otherwise the problems will be much more than a crumpled suit and briefcase with papers. Residents have different attitudes to this station. In any case, if it were cleaner and not so close to him would be treated differently.

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