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Bangalore subway map

Unknown largest city

Little-known city in India for those people who did not look Indian cinema - all of these cities are major centers, where the underground is a must. So the city is the city of Bangalore, which has a strength of more than 5 million people and continues to seek six million inhabitants. This city is an important center in India, though, if you count the total population, 6 million for them - less than one percent of the population. But still, the high population density on a particular plot of land - this is inconvenient, especially when all the morning going to work and go home at night. Traffic jams, accidents - in short, all this is terribly uncomfortable, so the metro cities of over one million people are a must. In general, the history of the underground city of Bangalore does not start so far in the past, as you might expect. In the nineties, the subway started to design, prepared and handed over the project, and in 2006 began construction of the subway. With the help of modern tools for digging tunnels for five years was completed on the first branch of the subway. So far, the plan to create only two branches of Metro, which will go at right angles to each other to carry people on opposite sides of the city. In the future will be built a few branches, but as long as it takes to at least two branches were added to the end. So far from what was planned for the near future set up only 15 percent - 6 kilometers instead of 42. Generally, in the near future were to take a lot more, and, in principle, much earlier, because the 4th of April in India, a big celebration for him and wanted to include the opening of this event Underground. But for technical reasons, the opening was postponed to a later date to bring the subway to the mind.

Further development of the underground

It will be three more branches of Metro, but now it is about the future goes, and how you can ride at this station. While there are only six stations, and the fare is around 10, on average, and the price exceeds the cost of travel by bus about half. To avoid any problems with the transfer of money and even with the ratio of the price, you should immediately tell that to take the bus to Bangalore - it's like to ride on a tortoise, faster still will not, just tired and soil all over. So, it is better to pay a little more often so that you can ride more comfortably and not so much tired, but crush the subway sometimes even more than at the surface, still 5 million people - are not you a few thousand when you can just so go and get out of the car. Sometimes it will make its way to the door with a previous stop, get out and not be trapped doors. Well, in general, if we talk about the underground - here it is quite clean and comfortable, spacious cars, so the usual hours here are very nice and comfortable, but during rush hour people can fit at times too much. But in general, if you can find in India, be sure to try out the local subway, it is convenient and not too slow, so you need will be satisfied with the trip, though not very long, but after a couple of years, quite long.

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