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The old station

In Budapest, which is located in Hungary, the underground became a kind of pioneer - this was the first underground metro, which appeared in Europe after Britain. Date of opening of the station - in 1896, the first underground railway, which came, oddly enough, not in the most advanced country in the world. Although it is impossible to say, was then Austria-Hungary is not an advanced state, but only middling strong, one can say exactly what time it was built underground, so the state is on the money and desire. Besides the fact that the current Hungarian things are a little differently, compared to Metro before last century has not changed much. If you look at the cars, which continue to ride on the roads, we can see that they are all quite old, but they continue to work properly, despite the difficult conditions and continuous operation. After all, there is no weekend subway cars, which means that they are working constantly, carrying a large number of passengers. Most of the cars is the age of 50 years or more, although there were attempts to update the collection of cars. Almost all of these attempts failed because the manufacturers of cars in Hungary imposed their own terms, the deal breaks down, and now the leadership of the underground has to think about how to extend the life of an already old car. All of these departures have a date, but can not say that these cars are now occurs only in a museum. In fact, the place that cars are still on the rails - it remains only to decide how to get them to ride on the roads exactly as required.

He lived, lives and will live

Generally, when it comes to that, the underground in Hungary was built first in Europe, many people are surprised frankly, saying that the current country could not get a subway. Unfortunately, such people simply do not know the history of this state, which means that they are semi-literate with respect to this issue. But as for the present subway, the only changes that can touch it - it is the development of the metro, but not cars, which seem to remain forever in the local metro. The current underground in Budapest - it's three branches, which have a length of 32 kilometers, carry the 40 stations, but at the same time carrying on average slightly more than a million people every day. This means that annually visit the Metro almost 400 million people who are willing to go to work at the old train just because they know - this car has served for 50 years, so he can last a little longer. So far there was not a single accident at the local subway, which would have been a consequence of poor quality cars. As you can see, as a result of Budapest metro is still functioning, although it is more like a museum exhibit. But do not be so proud to talk about the old subway - age is no obstacle for him, just as for humans. As a result, if we talk about the subway, which has been used for many years the country has survived two world wars, as well as successfully underwent several political regimes, we can say that the subway cannot be destroyed by anything. In general, the metro in Budapest looks very good, especially considering the fact that most of the metro, which is located in the city, is not only underground, but also on the ground, right on the city streets, which makes this form of transport is not only very convenient, fast and practical, but also makes it an ornament of the city. So if you're lucky to be in Hungary, then not too lazy to try the local subway.

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