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Thessaloniki subway map

Take two

Second Subway in Greece will be opened in the city of Thessaloniki, but before the opening of the underground for quite some time - it is planned that the first phase of the metro will be commissioned in 2016. That is why the current subway here is just under construction - but the crisis is seriously slowed down the construction, since the money to continue the construction is not, and is not expected in the next few months. But plans for this were underground, as in many other countries, subways were just tremendous. Thessaloniki is now - a major industrial center, which makes a large contribution to the economy, but insufficient. However, the population of the city helps to ensure that the underground in the city was built. It is on demographic data and based builders, when going to begin to build a subway in the city. To date, most of the metro, since the construction has been started, there are only a small part - this is a small part, perhaps, a smaller portion of all the subway, because the builders did not reach even to the point where you can already begin to indulge in operation at least half line, which should contain 4.5 metro stations. But of all the subway, which is available in the city in recent years has been created only a few kilometers of fabric, but not so much - because most of the Metro was created in the period from 1986 to 1989, when the subway was supposed to appear in the city are more likely to . However, numerous problems seriously slowed down the construction of the subway. If you are currently underground for the most part are not only built because of lack of money, before the problem arose from the excavations. However, issues such as physical obstructions, which could actually hinder the development of Metro, shortage of funds is becoming a more serious problem, despite the fact that the state has allocated more than one billion dollars to build the subway in the city.

Another great plan

Plan for Metro in the city appears as follows: total should have been built three branches, which have been mostly from east to west, with minor variations as you progress through the city. At the same time, when the subway was built, the plan has been slightly adjusted, but because most of the lines became more branched - as a result of the plan, which is now the state has on hand, in the subway does not go in a straight line, as it was before - have to bypass the numerous excavations and historical places, which has become much more after the excavations that took place here in the late twentieth century. That is why the current Metro will look different, but overall his features preserved. Three long branches, whose total length will be approximately 40 miles will continue to take place in the city, but further development plans at the same time yet. It is likely that these plans will not even after 10 years because the major problems of the state does not give him the ability to finance the underground in the city. But we must hope for the best, because the subway in the city must be built in spite of all difficulties, which take place at the moment. If we consider the problem of the local subway more globally, it immediately becomes clear that the subway is delayed so far, but there is every chance that construction will resume soon.

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