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Another old underground (Athens)

Greek history is the world community as one of the richest histories of the world, and therefore we can safely say that the gradual development of the Greek state - the result is a competent and proper policy. But what can we say about the present time, when the state is in crisis? Met one of the cities already have - it's underground in the city of Athens. So let's talk about this is underground, which is already successfully operating in the city. To begin with it should be noted the remarkable date Metro - 1869. This is an old date, which refers to the top ten metro in the world. Since the first subway was opened in England, then across the ocean came second subway, the construction of new subways fever swept Greece as well. At the moment the subway in the city presented quite a respectable number of lines - a total of five pieces, and the total length of the subway is about 72 kilometers. This length does not seem big for a city like Athens. But not at the same time to leave the stereotypes that are left over from the kind of history textbooks. Of course, most of the small town looks like a few hundred years ago - at least for the beauty of these cities are trying to keep up as long as possible. Athens is - a modern city, which simply could not leave the old buildings that wastefully spent in urban areas. Finally, if you look at the modern Athens, you'll see that there is a lot of tall buildings, and almost all of the underground hidden under the ground. In the end view of the city, though new, though the historic center, which is in the form of a small number of old buildings remained in the city, does not deteriorate due to the large number of trains that are constantly rushing by, but also because of the railroads, which are held throughout the city . Of course, Metro covers the central part of the city entirely, however, outside the city, he goes too, and the subway reaches even remote suburban metropolitan area.

Large age - a modern look

As a result, the underground city became a part of its modern, despite its age - Metro Now more than 140 years old. Currently, Metro is quite different than it looked before, many years ago. That is why we can say that, despite the debt, the underground in the city was completely different, brings the city a favor and allows you to carry a fairly large number of passengers, and the daily number of passengers to the crisis did not fall. On the contrary, because the prices went up almost all the underground became the most expensive means of transportation. As a result, the number of passengers in the subway has become a lot more, because almost all people who are in varying degrees affected by the crisis, began to ride the subway in order to save. All five branches of Metro passengers are transported from the northern vineyards to the south-western coast, as well as from the eastern outskirts of the city to the west coast city. The branches form a whole greater metro network, which currently is the most useful and cheap part of the urban public transport, which was not observed before, if only because that Greece was a good state from an economic point of view. But now everything has changed - but the subway was still an important part of the city's infrastructure, so that its development will continue after the crisis.

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