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80 years of inactivity

City in the middle of a small country has its own subway too late, especially when you consider that all metros in the country were built in the nineteenth century. 80 years after the last subway construction in the country, began construction of another station in the town of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. The town stands on a small river, which is usually no one knows except those who live in the country. But age - it's not a problem because the subway is built on a grand scale. In this town there are two lines that are on opposite sides of the city have a total length of about 77 kilometers, and at this distance is 60 stations. As a result, the city received a large system of roads that connects the city with its suburbs, and provides no traffic jams, as well as quick access to the city center. As for the time of construction, it was pretty quick - all the construction took less than 10 years, but because Subway, which opened in the city, immediately gave people access not only to the city center, but also opened the way to the suburbs, which were previously available only to those people who have private cars. As a result, traffic jams in the city have become much smaller.

Unsolved problems

However, there are several issues that remain unresolved so far in the metro. Of course, rails laid, built underground, but what do you do if the city is gradually increasing, and more branches missing? Metro has not changed over the past 30 years, while the city a little bit, but it has changed. There are new residential areas - but so far people have enough of this type of public transport to get to work. Metropolitan, which consists of two branches, one of which is partly circular and the other just across the river connects with the main city, can carry up to half a million people every day. But such peak has not yet happened, so people can ride with more comfort, because trains that ply on these lines, sometimes go half-empty. It is for these reasons: the original building of the city, as well as premeditated subway system, improvement and development of a new line did not give the city, so rational Brits are in no hurry to throw the money to build new branches in the city.

Speed Underground - a pledge of free roads

Due to the presence of such a spacious underground metro bridge the wide and fast trains has been solved a long-standing problem of the city, when people could not cross the channel to the other half of the city. Now the problem is solved exactly, but because there is no more traffic jams on bridges or on roads that led to bypass channel on land. Now the vast majority of people who work in the center, but they live on the other side of the canal, are moving safely through it only with the help of the underground and are not going to risk their nerve to go there on my own car. While there are traffic jams that can seriously stall traffic on the streets, people tend not to use their own transport to travel to the center. Of course, this does not apply to those who own property in the center.

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