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Liverpool subway map

The famous city

The uniqueness of this city lies in the fact that he is famous not only for the two names and great football team. And not even the fact that it is from here began its global journey four Beatles - in this city is underground, which is considered private, but nonetheless, it still works. How did this happen - do not know modern humans, but in fact closed the subway - it is an old thread, which is no longer able to transport people. Working underground - this is a new branch that is not very big, but still enough to be able to travel from the residential area to work. The new branch is gradually grew after the opening, and eventually turned into a vast network of underground, consisting of three branches, which now cover the entire city and are capable of carrying up to several hundred million people every year. The entire line - is 130 kilometers, which is 67 stations. Operates 66 of them, because the last station was closed, but there is one piece in a state that allows it to be quite normal - though dead.

Tricolor Metro

Three branches of Metro painted in different colors: yellow line, green and blue. What if some thought that green line is a logical continuation of the first two, just as the green color is a mixture of blue and yellow, but in any case, the three branches of the subway, in which color they would not have been painted, is present on the map. Thus, the presence of the subway in the city is seriously helping the city at the moment the influx of fans of a certain group or at football matches, when the town gathers several hundred thousand people, but because one day subway dramatically increases the load, reduces the time between trains and at the same begins to move a little faster. It may be that dangerous, but nothing better could not come up - do not hold the same additional trains in his spare time in camp, so they rusted out there - it's irrational. That's why this was the main reason for the development of the underground.


In general, the subway in the city, which had also been largely an industrial city, and then turned into a tourist and sports center because of the football team and the "Beatles", was very helpful. Influx of visitors at times created such problems on the roads, especially if the match produces a failure - then the road could not even walk. As a result, the subway became a salvation for the majority of ordinary people who did not wish to participate in problem skirmishes. So, as a result of the underground was not simply a means of transportation - the subway has become a much more useful to ordinary people, who can now not only do not be late for work every day, but also can avoid traffic problems. Of course, sometimes these situations happen in every city, but to be able to make it really useful and convenient, Metro has a very wide spread of branches. Two branches of the subway go to the south-east and north-east, the other branch is a semi-circle to the west, after which all three branches are joined safely in the city center. Finally, as mentioned earlier, people can in good conscience get to work from anywhere in the city, no matter what they were before.

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