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Nurnberg subway map

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In March of 1972 to run a network of subway Nuremberg. Together with the city by train, he formed the basis of the transport network of the city of Nuremberg and the region. Metro network will be expanded with the formation of not only new plants but also the lines.

Description of Subway

To this day, the network consists of three subway lines U1, U2 and U3. The total length of roads is 36 km, which is 46 stations. It should be said that the stations are a few lines are innodividually and allow transfer to other lines, resulting in confusion between the stations is not actually possible. Thus most of the existing line passes under the earth (30.5 km) 1 km runs along the viaduct, and the rest of the way land.
The longest line is the Nuremberg subway line U1. It originally was supposed to connect the sleeping area Langvaser with the central part of the city, the main railway station and old town. I should say that this line is the simultaneous notification to the neighboring town of Furth. The line includes 27 stations with a total length of road, 19 km, travel time between the end stations is about 35 minutes. I should say that during peak hours, an additional route, increasing traffic flow on the most loaded section of the line - U11.
The second line also passes through the main station and connects the airport to the southwestern part of the city and the satellite town of Stein. I should say that this line is the only means of communication between the Chief and the North-East stations. Also, it is along this line is a large part of the Nuremberg museums and attractions. It includes 16 stations with a length of 13 km. There is also a shorter route U21. The last line connects the district with the zoo Vetsendorf and passes through the southern city. On it are eleven stations. All landing platforms of stations located in the center, between the ways of communications. The exceptions are two stations with side platforms (stations and Muggengof Shtadtgrentse).
For the convenience of passengers, all stations are equipped with a staircase and escalators. In addition, for the movement of passengers with reduced mobility, without exception, all stations are equipped with lifts. On a number of key stations (Main station, airport), the number of lifts increased.


Tickets for travel depends on the tariff zone. The duration of the single ticket lasts for 1 hour and 45 minutes from the time of acquisition and the instrument is one for the subway, and for other land transport (tram, city train and bus). However, there are tickets for the duration of one day, week, etc. Since 2008, all traffic underground in Nuremberg automated. Here is the only metro in Nuremberg in a world where on one track while riding the train is running and the drivers, so-called «autos». To ensure the safety of all metro stations were equipped with infrared sensors along the platforms that are able to capture the fall of objects on the rails and prevent a moving train in advance. With the latest technology applied in the construction of the underground, despite the shallow tunnels, their movement is not actually there on the ground.

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