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Munich subway map

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Metropolitan capital of Bavaria - Munich subway - was launched in autumn 1971 and at the moment, along with the city by train, is the basis of urban public transport in Munich. The density of stations per 1,000 residents, is one of the highest in the world. Metro is continuing to grow.

Description of Subway

Today, Munich is an underground network of 103.1 kilometers in length, which brings together 100 passenger stations. The system of transfers between the lines is one of the most thought-out, allowing access to all parts of the city in the fastest possible time. The metro lines are distinguished by color and number (U1 to U6). Line U1-U2, U4-U5 and U3-U6 have common parts of the route in the city center and only then nodiverge. Through this scheme itself is similar to the Munich subway lines with three forks on the ends. In addition, further extending the lines are built in areas «Klinikum Grohadern» - «Martinsried» length of 1.3 km (opening scheduled in the years 2014-1015), «Arabellapark» - «Englschalking» with the construction of three stations and a length of 1.9 km and «Laimer Platz» - «Pasing» 3.6 km long. Metro Munich is justly considered one of the most comfortable in Europe. Each station is equipped with elevators, escalators and moving walkways. In the tunnels and stations (except for two in Garching), available means of mobile communication. In addition, almost half of the stations is additionally equipped with a points to the possibility of timely first aid.


Underground works, starting with four in the morning until after midnight on weekdays. On weekends and holidays, the schedule increases, and the metro station take passengers up to two hours of the night. Most of the stations are underground, except the five terrestrial stations («Garching-Hochbr,ck», «Fr,ttmaning», «Kieferngarten», «Freimann» and «Studentenstadt») and placed on a trestle «Neuperlach Süd». As a rule, all stations are equipped with two outlets on both sides of the platform. In addition, in most cases, a landing platform located in the middle, but 5 of these platforms are located on opposite sides of the tracks. Tickets are the same for both the subway and trains, and for trams and buses. There are tickets for a time-limited activities and limited by distance, as well as tickets for a long validity period (week, month, year). The system provides various benefits and discounts to various social groups. Because children under 6 years of age may travel free if accompanied by adults. Special incentives are provided to students and schoolchildren, the elderly and welfare recipients. Turnstiles at the stations are not available. Tickets themselves are activated (composted) at the entrance to the station, where the controllers can be tested. In the case of paid accommodation provides for administrative responsibility. Motion control is carried out thanks to a system of signals and controllers, which transmit signals to a central control point. Thus, due to the signal control system provides a reliable speed movement at intervals of 90 s; subway line equipped with automatic devices for switching hands. In addition, sites are equipped with auto-lock and hitch, which allows for the activity of transport in case of malfunctions in the automatic driving of trains themselves.

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