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Hamburg Metropolitan first began its work in early 1912 and today is the demand of public transport, which takes place both through the underground tunnels and overpasses on. Just as in the Berlin metro systems in other German cities, Hamburg's rail system is a combination of S-Bahn city trains and direct U-Bahn. It should be noted that the city is the second largest city in Germany and the key port of the state. Consequently, its underground and is of great importance in the transport service of the state as a whole. In February 2012 Hamburg Metro celebrated its centenary, and to this date is timed opening this fall of the fourth branch, which should link the city center with a new area of HafenCity.

Description of Subway

Today, the Hamburg Subway - is a network of three lines with a total length of just over one hundred miles. It should be said that the network is different from others in that most of the way place on the ground and overpasses. Under the ground is only 40 km of track, therefore, call the Hamburg subway station is difficult. It should also be noted that the underground communication lines are also not very deep. At the same time, the work of transport on the surface does not actually heard. The system itself has its roots in the city center and mostly ensnares its northern part. On the lines are 89 stations. As in most cities in the line of cooling towers on the serial numbers and markings. The line U1 (the diagrams denoted in blue) is the longest and has 55.8 km and at the same time serves two different branches of the system. This route of Norderstedt Mitte to Ohlstedt or Großhansdorf, 41 and 44 stations respectively. The shortest - a red line U2 to the length of 22 kilometers between the end points Niendorf Nord and Mümmelmannsberg. Total line comprises 25 stations. The last line U3 (indicated in yellow, respectively) is between the stations and Wandsbek Gartenstadt and 26 stations.


Despite the occurrence of a small underground paths, walkways to the boarding platform equipped with a small escalators. The system of turnstiles in the subway in Hamburg is missing. She paid the fare is made through the purchase of tickets. Control over the transportation is carried out clothes controllers. It's worth noting that the stowaway may lead to quite severe administrative responsibility in the form of fines. The service itself runs underground around the clock. The ranges of motion ranged from 3 minutes during peak hours to half an hour at night. Noteworthy is the fact that the subway is provided and transport bicycles. To do this, there are specially allotted time, as well as a specially equipped room in the cars themselves. Landing platforms are equipped with special monitors, which are reflected in the local news. In some cases, these monitors are present and within cars. In addition, at each of the stations there is a scoreboard on which of the control point receives information about the arrival of the next composition.

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