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Frankfurt am Main subway map

Metro Frankfurt am Main, Germany

As in most German cities, metropolitan of Frankfurt am Main is presented not as a pure underground, as well as a harmonious combination, as the subway and light rail. The city itself is the largest business and financial center, in fact, the financial capital of the European Union, and the system of subway lines one of the key modes of transport.

Description of Subway

To date, a unified network of subway and light rail in Frankfurt am Main is seven lines. Their graduation, as in other German cities carried out by means of numbering. In this line U1, U2, U3, U8 and U9 are directly related to the subway, and the lines U4, U5, U6 and U7 lines are underground tram. In the central part of all the lines are underground, and only on the outskirts of the city, they go outside. It should be noted that a number of lines is beyond the city itself, and are an additional transport links to neighboring towns of Bad Homburg and Oberursel. Total underground network of more than 60 km the total road and includes 27 underground and 60 surface stations. All lines are further nodivided into four groups. The group A includes the lines U1, U2 and U3; to group B / D - U4 and U5, respectively, to C - U6, U7; and the last group D - U8 and U9. The lines of each of the groups come together in the central part of the city under the ground, and their branching occurs closer to the margins. Noteworthy is the fact that a small section of the path of trams and underground trains intersect, and in fact different types of transport move along the same rails. So common are the station Alte Oper, Haupt-wache and Konstabler-wache, although points of transplants between the U-and S-bans bans throughout Germany are not uncommon. In some cases, the platform separated from other means of communication, but there are exceptions where the platform ends carriageway roads.


The system fare overall in Frankfurt, and buying a ticket, you pay for travel on all modes of public transport, including metro. Provides for payment of traveling as a single, and the purchase of tickets for group travel, a one day a week or more. The value of affects the duration of action of the ticket and the tariff zone of the area where you plan to visit. Their graduation is held at a special tariff zones. It should be noted that within the transport is not available for sale of travel documents. They can be purchased only in special vending machines located in the lobbies of the underground, and in other parts of the city. Turnstiles in this city is also not provided, but if the stowaway provides a large administrative penalty, in the absence of identity cards and detention in custody.
At the same time, the undoubted advantage is the production of special tourist tickets that not only does not restrict the movement between different parts of the city, including the airport and train stations, but also offer special discounts to museums and other attractions. There are also special incentives for the transportation of children accompanied by adults. In contrast to other German cities during Frankfunte-on-Main tickets become effective immediately and book your trip in advance to fail.

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