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First subway in Berlin, Germany took its first passengers in 1902. Today - a key form of transport, which together with the city by train allows you to move between different parts of the city. I should say that this network is one of the most extensive and is nodivided into two independent systems U-Bahn (subway directly) with 9 lines and S-Bahn. Due to the constant shortage of funds the expansion of the underground at the moment work is not carried out. Provides only the necessary repairs to tracks and rolling stock. In addition, there is a definite view that a network of underground trains and urban transport provides a fully Berlin. At the same time, there are well-defined long-term plans, most of which focused on the construction of small transitions between stations on the non-intersecting subway lines. There are also plans to expand existing lines of communications.

Description of Subway

At the moment the Berlin metro network is of 10 lines with total length of 151.7 km. This network includes 173 stations to each other. If the initial identification of tench on schemes carried letter designations (A, B, etc.), now goes to the gradations of color-coded and serial numbers (U1, U2, U2, etc.). The longest of these is the line U7. I should say that at the same time, it is also the longest line of the German underground of the underground. The system of subway lines runs through the city. The line connects the end points U1 Uhlandstrasse and Warschauer Strasse. It is located 13 station, and the path length of 8.9 km. U2 lies between the Ruhleben and Pankow for 20.7 km with 29 stations. Line U3 - Krumme Lanke - Nollendorfplatz has 15 stations with a total length of 12.1, with a 7.3 km of which are underground. Line U4 shorter, there are at 5 stations on Innsbrucker Platz Nollendorfplatz up with a total length of 2.9 km. Line U5 Alexanderplatz - Hönow has both ground and underground road for 18.4 km with 20 stations. The shortest line is the U55 with a length of 1.5 km, and only 3 stations. U6 stretches from the Alt-Tegel to Alt-Mariendorf at a distance of 19.9 kilometers with 29 stations. G7 includes 40 stations on 31.8 km from Rathaus Spandau to Rudow. U8 goes from station to Wittenau Hermannstrasse path length of 18.2 and connects 24 stations. The last line U9 connects the end points Osloer Strasse and the Rathaus Steglitz. The length of this path is from 12.5 to 18 active stations.


Metro provides daily transportation from 4 am to 1-30 am. Since 2003, all routes except for U4, provided the night routes from Friday to Saturday and from Saturday to Sunday. In the remaining days of their substitute bus service is used at night. Range of motion varies from three minutes during peak hours, 10 minutes in the evening. At night, the breaks between transport increased to 15 minutes. For the convenience of passengers at all subway stations in Berlin is provided to ensure the mobile format GSM. It is noteworthy that the network infrastructure was equipped with one of the oldest in the world. At some stations there are special scales, which allow visitors for a small price to produce weigh and compare the ratio of their height and weight to the optimal values of which are given immediately.

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