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Tbilisi subway map

Mettro Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi Metro was put into permanent operation 11 January 1966. He was fourth in the Soviet Union after Kiev, Leningrad and Moscow. Since 2000, when the station was opened, the latter at the moment, Metro numbered 26, 3 kilometers of active lines and 22 stations that are located on two lines - Saburtalo and Akhmeteli-Varketilskoy. Tbilisi subway is the second largest metropolitan Transcaucasia (the first of these is the Baku, and the third - Yerevan). However, neither at the time of construction or at the opening of the underground capital of Georgia has not reached one million in population. And the construction of the metro began in spite of the practices adopted by the USSR, then build a subway only cities.

In 2011, the first underground in Tbilisi in the former Soviet Union began to regularly announce the names of the stations, in addition to Georgia, which is the state, also in English. Number of cars in different sources can vary from 140 to more than 200. The official website of the figure is 199 units, 156 of which are in operation (36 per Saburtalo line, and 120 on-Akhmeteli Varketilskoy). Late 2005 was marked by the beginning of a major upgrade of rolling stock, which most of the cars passed by now. By 2010, Metro Park is fully expected to be updated. In the upgrade includes replacement of electrical equipment, as well as a radical change in the appearance of the car and the interior: a new head fitted with fiberglass mask, and the cars themselves painted white-red-silver. In addition, the restoration will be carried out one of the wagon trains of type E to its original condition - he will become the first museum exhibit of Tbilisi Metro, which is planned to create at the end of 2010 - at the same time, as will be the modernization of rolling stock.

Tbilisi metro stations are designed to accept pyativagonnyh trains, but the leadership of Metro currently has no plans to add in each of the line-Akhmeteli Varketili one wagon - even with the significant growth in passenger traffic in recent years on this line. To date, Saburtalo line trehvagonnye ply trains, and on-Akhmeteli Varketinskoy - chetyrehvagonnye. Work on the upgrade and repair the appearance of a number of stations were carried out in 2008-2009. For the first time in domestic subway in Tbilisi was not only projected, but the two stations are built with deep foundations in rocky soil (Station 2 and the Polytechnic Institute), made of reinforced concrete. Thanks to clearly and skillfully designed and implemented by the organization of work station Station-2 built in record time - up to 2 years and 9 months.

Tbilisi Metro is not only increased comfort, but also excellent appearance - a modern design and high quality interior finish of buildings completely brings them closer to international standards. It is an eloquent testimony to the professionalism of the Georgian metrobuilders who have invested a lot of effort and work to develop the concept of the planned construction of the national underground.

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