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Toulouse subway map

Now the state is fully

In the city of Toulouse subway not long ago became a fully public. It so happened once, when 20% of the company has acquired the state. By adding the 20% to 80% of their becoming full-fledged owners of the Metro. This metro has two lines - the line A and line B. Both of these lines intersect with each other and go in different directions to collect as many passengers to various parts of the city. The total length of 27.5 kilometers underground, and the number of stations - 37. As a result, people can choose for themselves a convenient station, if they live far from few. It is more convenient than an option, even when the closest station is at a distance of one mile, for example, in Mexico. Here, yet all very civilized and very comfortable, and despite the fact that the Metro will soon knocks 19 years, he remains very comfortable and beautiful, although it was created at a time when modernism had already ceased to be modern. Thus, the metro in Toulouse was built in 1993, and after that it will never be perfected and expanded. Despite this, there are more personal and is not required - all that is necessary for normal functioning of the subway is already available, but because the money for further development of the subway does not stand out. Subway system is more perfect than in large cities, because here too there is automatic control, which allows trains to move at a very small space. But this does not mean that they move virtually unchecked - all actions are fully committed to the traffic control center underground, but because there are people carefully watch that does not beat out whether any of the train schedule and will not be a crash soon. Therefore, no matter how improved technology in recent years, remains the most perfect person in management.

And up and down

So, we now turn to the technical side of the metro. Each part consists of two cars of the same type, so if the car can climb from 70 to 100 people, the whole structure can accept a maximum of about 200 people at a time. Given the fact that there trains run every 65 seconds, then a maximum of one hour can be transported at least 12,000 people. However, this number will never be achieved because the system is constructed so that the maximum number of people never accumulate on the platform. In addition, thanks to the speed of trains all the time to get to work on time and without any delay. As for speed - it is 60 kilometers per hour, but because people may be less than 15 minutes to drive almost the entire city. And because the speed of trains is considered very dangerous, because if the distance between trains is very small, they may not have time to slow down if the operator permit a delay in at least 10 seconds. But, fortunately, so far there was no such tragedies, and sacrifices as well. But at the same time, this Subway has not only underground, but also part of the land - because of this you can see only part of the beautiful French city, and not all of it. During the time the train on the viaduct you can see a lot of cities on both sides of the car, but cover the whole city looking out did not. And therefore, to examine the beauty of the city is required to walk on his foot. But to appreciate the beauty of the underground, you just come down.

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