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Rouen subway map

Metrotram instead subway

Rouen - is a small town, and therefore it was decided to build the subway, too, not the big ones. In particular, the city was not built in a real underground, and its synthesis, the so-called metrotram. Metrotram - a lightweight railway, which is similar to the one side to the subway, on the other hand, it is very similar to the subway, only slightly reduced in size, and therefore more convenient to travel for short distances. Therefore, these subways is very convenient to build in small towns or in cities with a limited budget. Rouen - it is rather a small city with a population than to the lack of budget, because the population in the city is only 320,000 people. The city is nodivided in half Rouen Seine - the same river, which has become known for Paris. But in order to overcome this river on various bridges may have to move for a long time - because cars are moving very slowly. Metrotram in this respect is much more convenient because it is moving, though not very fast, but with a stable rate, which is only 20 kilometers per hour. That's plenty of that in a few minutes to get to the place of work. Of course, many people wanted them to have not just metrotram, and quite normal Subway - Subway for them were buried in the ground for a few stations, but a greater resemblance to the great subways you will not see here, because it simply does not. So, if you want to find in the local Metrotram something special, apart from loud stations you will not find anything.

Slow and steady wins - the race

But let us turn to the more simple of the metro - it's their physical characteristics, which in this Metrotram pretty interesting. Generally, the total length of both branches is about 15 kilometers. This means that the Metropolitan has solid long, though not very large relative to the major cities. Under the ground was laid only 2.2 kilometers of track and 3 stations, but because the ground has to go down only 20% of cases. This was done in order to avoid crossing highways directly on the ground. It is much better for the road conditions will be, if the underground pass under them, and they will not cross, and create many jams. Of course, metrotram - Subway trains are long, but still, considering the average speed, the road will be blocked for at least 15 seconds. And yet, 57,000 people every day use the subway in the city. The cost of a standard ticket - only 1.2 euros per trip, but you can buy a card for multiple trips, and tickets for a few days, original tickets. Through this system, residents of the city can save considerably, because the tickets are sold for 1-3 days and cost from 4 to 6 euros. Although the place of purchase of such tickets can be found not only in railway stations and subway stations, but also, for example, some travel companies, because the subway is very popular among tourists coming to town to rest, despite the fact that it is located north of Paris, 100 with some miles. But this is not a hindrance, because Rouen has a rich history, but because people go there with pleasure. Hours Metro just to satisfy all the needs of people - from 5 am to midnight every day except Sunday, Subway is open to all who want to travel anywhere in the city.

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