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Automatic Underground

Not the greatest country situated in the metropolitan city of Rennes. There, in 2002, was built underground, which has a length of only 9.5 kilometers and 15 stations, which run from one downtown to another and then a little deeper into the living quarters. But this is not a complete picture of the current metro in Rennes. If you previously created work underground people who ran the trains, the underground work is now run by people who sit in the control center and closely followed the work trains and tubes, posted in the tunnels and stations. This is done for the sake of safety, because the subway in this city is governed not by human beings, and intelligent embedded in each train. This system measures the time to carefully open doors of the train, while parked at the platform, as well as speed in a way, to follow right on schedule. Similar systems operate in other metros of the country, so many people appreciate all the delights of intelligent systems that control the station much better people because it can accurately measure the pressure on the lever braking. Perhaps because of security, and perhaps for other reasons, but the underground visits are a large number of people, which is not comparable to the number of people in other major cities. More than 100,000 people daily, this gets into the underground to go to work or home, and because the total amount each year is more than 35 million people. Well, it's easier to accept the fact that people are simply more comfortable to ride on this vehicle.

Metro to small town

By itself, the subway in a city like Rennes, would be simply impossible, because the subway in a small town no one would build did not - but here, apparently, was his goal to build a subway, but because it was built. By the way this city is home to just 200,000 people. This means that 55% of the population use the subway as a transport. For comparison, in the subways in big cities enjoy no more than 30 percent of the population. Perhaps it is for these reasons that the underground in a small town and was built in such a short period of time. Also, Metro is not located completely underground or above ground, because it is located at different levels, which were aligned with the system of bridges, viaducts and aqueducts, who designed the modern engineer Norman Foster. Given the fact that the subway in the city of insanely popular in the city will soon get a second branch of the underground, which will be built in coming years. Construction was scheduled for 2010, which means that very soon the country will see its subway in an updated form. The advantage of underground, originally located in the French territory lies in the fact that there are inscriptions on the old Gaulish language spoken by all the French once, but over time the language is gone, remaining only in small areas of France. But the more valuable it became. It also keeps a history of people, but because this language is preserved in the inscriptions in the metro.

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