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French Classics

Another old subway appeared in Paris in 1900, almost at the beginning of the twentieth century. Actually, just because of the French in the world there are such words as Metro and Metro because Metro French word denotes metropolitan railway. But it was too long to talk, but because Metro will soon become a regular subway. It was built underground so small that its branches are located just under the roadway of streets, because otherwise, if the builders have gone too far under the house, they would come right in the basements, which would lead to a serious collapse. Therefore, most of the old subway lines of the type of small metro, because under the old subway trains were laid deep that at 5 lines are underground. As for the old subway, he has even at times the station were slightly curved, because the construction had to go round the house and the old foundations. As for the trains on the old lines, they did not go very fast, but the cost is not cheap. Children of workers to ride on the subway, had long enough to accumulate 15 centimes, so that you can make the trip in the car the usual comfort. As for the other cars, then there was still a first-class carriages, and where the journey was worth almost twice higher than in conventional cars. But it was more than a hundred years ago, so this is hardly worth talking about. Far more interesting will be the topic of the present subway.

Modern and the only modern

Despite the fact that it took so many years that Metro has changed greatly in recent years, however, nothing to it really did not happen, because the design of the stations slightly injured during the world wars. Magnificent stations were designed and decorated with designer Guimard, who practiced the art nouveau. As a result, all metro stations have turned out just great. The whole city center just dotted with old lines - the current suburbs are connected to the center with new branches, which were built in the postwar years. Total underground now consists of 300 stations and carries every day for more than 4 million passengers, which is quite a lot, but transportation problems does not solve the city, and therefore many people think about the fact that the subway line is needed to expand even more. Now Metro in Paris is able to cover only a few nearby suburbs, because the growth of the city itself is very rapid, and because those parts of the city, which now are its suburbs, in fact 10 years ago were just the suburbs. For these reasons, the current station is not enough for the city. But it has always been a little - from the 1969 construction of the subway begins to accelerate sharply, but it almost to nothing lead, because the post-war development of France also accelerated. As for the new lines and stations, they are certainly more spacious than the former, but the beauty of the old subway stations, the old is much better. So if you ever find yourself in France, especially in Paris and especially in its metro, you'll want to see what exactly is an old subway.

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