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Marseille subway map

Port Metro

In 1977 came the subway in Marseille, one of the most beautiful cities in France. Here he came, because this city is a major port, but because he just needed a subway to port area was not heavily loaded cars. That is why there is such an original subway map, which shows that it is in the port area, in a very convenient harbor, crossed two branches of Metro Marseille - red and blue. Blue line goes to the northeast and east, in the residential neighborhoods of the city. At the same time, the red line is very well off to the north and south - the industrial zones, ports and valves. And the second line - the blue. This means that cleaning the streets of transport was a priority for subway construction, or built originally to other branches that connect the industrial area to residential. But the thread that goes into a residential area was built and put into operation 10 years later, and therefore we can say that we have here a purely practical application of the subway, and not social. Although many say that the underground in Marseille allows many people to get to their work, because the whole city's industry is concentrated in the port area. But we will not discuss here the urban industry, this certainly has other resources. As for the subway, there has long blue line of 10.5 kilometers, while a line extending along the coast - just 8.9 kilometers. This can be explained quite easily. Red line is located along the coast - so the duplication is not required for it. Blue line remotely similar to the strongly curved and rotated on its side arch - so it is as if there are two branches of inside it, which are distributed within the city in different directions. Therefore, such a duplication of the blue branches and increases its length, and quite solid.

Two times two

Accordingly, since there is a double nodivision, there must be a double connection - subway in Marseille, double crosses inside. In addition to self-intersections and subway crosses the line of railway lines and railway station is connected to the local tram. So most people, reseeding the subway to another mode of transport, can either get to any place in the city, or it can take advantage of the railroad and go to another city. It is very convenient because they do not have to use third-party transportation and additional transfers to go to another place to go on. But, unfortunately, see the beauty of the city does not work - almost all of the underground is underground, but because all of the finest buildings and monuments will simply be hidden from your eyes with a thick layer of earth. And if you come here as a tourist, then your task - to ride on the subway only if you need to get somewhere quickly. If you need to consider all the sights, the best thing would be to use some other means of transport, in particular land. And so, if you want to visit a place underground, then do not expect anything special, except for comfort - like many other metros in France, the Marseille metro has a combined way, but because cars never shaking motion, which allows easy All sit for 20 minutes until the train goes from one end station to another.

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