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Subway in the city of Lyon has appeared much later than the subway in Paris. They shared almost 80 years. But, once they are separated by time, then nodivides them still, and size, and this is very bad for the subway in Lyon, because its size is very small - only 30 kilometers. But for a city the size of Lyon, this is not so little, because the subway in the city so far is enough for the residents. The originality of the subway in this city is that there used to train the combined course. This means that the movement is not only used rails, and buses. Due to a moving train is much quieter and thus they did not make noise. As for other features of the subway, then the number of branches. Sometimes you can find the subway, where there is only one branch, but it hid at least 20 kilometers long. Here are all 30 kilometers were neatly stuffed with 4 branches. And, if you look at the map, then at least three of the four branches look is actually quite long, and only one branch of orange seems shorter. So it is - an orange branch has a minimum length, although it was built at the same time as the other branches. In addition to the fourth, which was built in 1991, much later than the rest. Why did it happen? First, the features of the city was not allowed initially to create a green twig, and so make it only started when the city has grown considerably in the south. Whereas previously there was almost nothing, then in 1991 there was a great area, and therefore had to create the longest branch, which joined the north-western districts of the south-east, passing through the very center of the city. As a result, within the city formed a rectangle, consisting of green, blue and red branches. Orange branch moves further to the north, and therefore not involved in the formation of the ring.

From morning until late at night

Unfortunately, no data on how many people currently carries underground and how often the trains here. Only one thing is for sure - this metro has its own characteristics that allow it to be unique. Hours Metro - from five in the morning until half past midnight. However, after nine o'clock in the evening the number of trains decreases sharply, by about two to three times compared with the other lines. This is done simply because the flow of passengers at nine o'clock sharp falls. If the first train, which departs approximately 9:15, still full of passengers, each next train carries passengers are less and less. Therefore, this decision seems logical, despite the fact that a large proportion of people working at night and gets to work only at midnight. But this does not affect the density of passenger traffic in this city, because here all arranged so that people can get from one point at least three stations, if they are located in the city center. In that case, if the stations are located in the suburbs, their density is still quite high, which explains the presence of 39 stations on 30 km of the railway, although there are many stations with the crossings. As a result, the metro is very comfortable and soft - the reasons for this can be read above - and not very expensive and quite nimble. Most is for working people.

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