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Lille subway map

Automatic underground

Fully automatic metros nowadays a rarity. Previously, they were not there, but until now that the automatic control system has not yet been very encouraging visitors to the metro cities. Small cities and small metros so far for the creators of intelligent control systems - is the best way to work on projects of automatic control systems. One of these cities became Lille, not very big city in France. It uses its own management system, called VAL. This system is used here almost since the inception - it allows the city to save big money on the content of a large staff of drivers. However, you can argue both that the automatic system can fail or behave properly in critical situations, and therefore always need the human factor on the railway. So far, this system did not allow a single failure, and therefore we can say that we do not need anything more than machines that will run trains. So, apart from an automated system here, there are two branches of Metro, which has a length of about 45 kilometers, and from this distance is greater than two-thirds to one branch, which was built a little later than the first. And the coverage area of these branches vary even more, because the red line, which was built a second, more extended and less complicated than the first. Orange is a branch of the city center, first to the north, but because in the south-east, and the red line moves back loop, but in the opposite direction, while possessing higher performance for passengers and trains, although initially it is not so noticeable.

Large and small platform

If you ever find yourself in the city of Lille, then surely it will be seen that the old branch, orange, platform, there are only a small length for a single train, and the red line, because it is very big and people can be quite a lot, there is a platform for the two trains. If we translate these distances in meters, at the Orange branch of the length of the platform is 26 meters, and the red line on the site are 52 meters. This distance is just enough to fit there are two trains of two cars each. The total capacity of trains is not very big - only 150 people. Therefore, the total metropolitan transports are not as many people as we would like the city authorities, but plan for the longer trains here do not want to, because in this case will have to create a long platform, and to redraw all the lines at all. Therefore, use only the minimum time between trains - every time a train comes to a half or two minutes, but because many people never accumulate on the platform. As for the work during rush hour, the train begins to move here after every minute, and therefore on the platform again, no crowds. As for the other period of time, the intervals between trains are up to eight minutes in order to save. And while Metro works with a standard five in the morning until midnight. Thanks to 99 percent of residents are in time at home. If you happen to be too lazy to go to the house on foot, then you can use the same ticket for the subway and take the other vehicles, such as a bus.

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