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Helsinki subway map

The only subway system in Finland is the metro in Helsinki, which at the same time is the most northerly in the world system. It began its work in 1982. At the time of its opening, the message is counted only 6 stations, whose number has been expanded in subsequent years due to the construction of twelve additional stations. At the moment we are expanding routes in the south in Espoo. According to plans the construction of the completion of this trend will end no earlier than 2013. The company plans to build a second metro line in the direction of the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. But this extension is planned no earlier than 2020.

Description of Subway Since the beginning of 2007 to the present day, the system consists of the Helsinki metro line, divided into two branches, and is a connection between the 17 stations. Thus, the system itself has a ways to Y-shaped. The total length of Communications is 22.1 km. Originally aimed at subway service to the eastern regions of dense built-up center. The division into two branches at the junction is Ityakeskus. In the center of Helsinki is eight stations in the east 2. All these stations are underground. The remaining seven eastern stations are terrestrial. Thus m contains a landing platform below ground (eg, platform Hakaniemi station located at a depth 20 m) and on the ground (for example, the station Hiihtyantne). Lobbies stations, usually located on one level with the ground. All are equipped with special ticket machines that accept payment for paper money.

In order to communicate with other parts of the metro system is complemented by land transport routes, and commuter trains. It is also close to landing stations are equipped with bicycle racks and car, which makes it possible to get to the subway individual transport.

Features of metro Helsinki

As such there are no turnstiles at the stations, but it does not mean that the fare is free. To separate the lobby, where you can be without a ticket, from the landing platform, where the availability of the fare required, is a special dividing line - the yellow line. In the case of crossing the border without this ticket, the passenger will be subject to a fine (administrative responsibility). Control over payment of travel shall wear special supervisors. Along with traditional tickets today used extensively, and smart cards, equipment for service which are present at each station. For the convenience of passengers, Metro announced both official languages ??of Finland - Finnish and Swedish. The exception is the station of the central station Rautatientori, where the name is declared optional in English. Some of the trains operated with drivers, but an increasing number of transport are controlled automatically. Control all movement is carried out underground from a single center. Control point is equipped with special systems for monitoring the work of security devices and communication at work sites (with the help of video recordings), train control systems, which follow, without drivers. The work item manager directs that, if necessary, take control.

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