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Metro in Cairo was built in 1987, not long ago, it seems, but it's been many years since then, as the subway was built at all. During this time he managed to develop and become the first subway on the African continent and the Middle East. As for the underground in general, it is a fairly large social object of the city, because its length is about 70 kilometers. Incidentally, this is practically the only underground metro in the region, which is currently running and they are people. All other metros only be built, but there is no station is not ready for full operation. So the subway in Cairo can be called a pioneer among the metro in the region. But there are many features that are characteristic only for the subway in the Middle East. For example, this feature is the presence of cars designed specifically for women. In each part there are two cars, which are located exactly in the middle of the train, which go only to women. In Egypt, strictly follow it, but because such men are no cars ever. But this does not mean that women cannot use the other cars - those two wagon taboo only for men but for women there is no such exclusion of cars at all, so they can ride in any car in which they want. This is done only in accordance with Muslim laws and traditions, not because society is different, as in Europe. Therefore, you should give this matter. Among the features is also possible to find an incredibly low price. No matter where you go on the subway, ticket prices will remain at around 20 cents, so any visit here is very cheap. As for the differentiation of prices, there is about it not even talk, and this means that the price of the trip will be as low as before.

Normal development of the metro with the usual

The history of the underground is quite simple and common. The city is no longer enough room for everyone on the road, and therefore it was decided to build a subway, which could carry passengers in large quantities, while the road would become much less loaded trucks. There was a plan, after which the Metropolitan was built and opened in less than 5 years. Currently, underground in the city consists of two branches, which are already completely rebuilt, as well as from one branch, which so far is only on paper. But soon this thread will also rebuild, so the townspeople will be available for the western and eastern parts of the city. Prior to that, two branches were from north to south, with small deviations. In order to finish this underground, according to the calculations required from 3 to 7 years, depending on the situation in the country. But while the operating lines are profitable city, the subway will be built on, because it is used by more than 600 million people annually, and this is no small amount for a city like Cairo. Therefore, to see the new subway in the city, it's best to come through here a couple of years, when it will know exactly what will be a new underground city.

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