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The magnificent city in Egypt is Alexandria. Only here at one time it was possible to find many great minds, and an incredible array of books and documents, which had an incredible value. But that time has passed, because many people have decided to rid the city of the load. But at the same load on the city appeared on the other hand - transportation problems were more important than all the other problems of the city because of traffic jams grew at an incredible rate, while the rate on the roads fell at the same pace. To avoid traffic jams, it was decided to build a subway in the city of Alexandria. At the moment, of all that had been planned, there is not much - just a few kilometers of roads, plus a couple of stations, which so far did not even function, and just getting ready to open. But, nevertheless, despite the current troubled situation in the country, we cannot say that everything here is sad, and the subway in the city to be seen. On the contrary, as long as advertised around the world that the country's in ruin, Metro in Alexandria has not ceased to be built. He has lost momentum, but the build fails, because the presence of different subway in the city - a pledge that the country will continue to grow in all conditions, despite the fact that around the chaos. You can also mention the fact that the subway in the city will basically go through the city streets and not under them. This was done to prevent the construction of underground excavations are not taking place in the city, and not hurt the ancient structure, which is likely to be placed underground.

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In any case, Metro in Alexandria will not return to her former glory, but it will help residents of the city easier and faster to get to work without any problems. So far, only a part of the subway marked - there is plenty of evidence that the subway in this city is built - but most so far is only on paper. Of course, given the huge number of challenges faced the builders of the underground, not to say that the pace of construction will increase. In any case, the underground will take place and through the historic part of town, and then sometimes you cannot dig half a meter without having to dig for themselves is not an old house or the ruins of the temple. Although there are already almost all excavated, there is still a chance that the builders will find something else. This is the main problem of Alexandria - when it detects something that has great historical value, a plan to build underground will have to change immediately, and even have to disassemble part of the road that was built so that it could lead to the other side. However, there is nothing wrong with that at times people may stumble upon an old house - this is the city. But for those people who will drive past the historic city center, will have a chance to see how slowly rising from the sand the old buildings that have been forgotten for centuries, but now they get a new life right before their eyes. Now about the same thing happens with the subway - to slow down during the collision, it is again gaining momentum to open in the near future.

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