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Santo Domingo subway map

The warm sea and convenient subway

In the warm Caribbean Sea is a small island, which seemed to never be able to get your own subway. However, after passing through all the complex situations of the twentieth century, the state began to rise from his knees, but because it became possible to build a subway, which would be especially proud for the city, despite the fact that he is so far limited. However, it is not so important, because the underground in the city has a very high efficiency. Given the not very large population of the city, 200,000 people who use the subway every day, is a serious figure, because it is a solid percentage of the total population of the city. So, what is underground in Dominica? Metropolitan is represented by a single branch, which runs from north to south, but it makes a little detour to the south, where the move to the north, thus covering a much larger area than if this was just a spur line. Therefore, the subway here uses a large number of people. In general, subway here consists of three parts, which are at different levels: the north is located on the piers, the center simply paved the streets, and the southern part of Metro is buried in the ground. Thus most of the subway was built open for your convenience and saving builder's money. With regard to the principle on which the Metro was being built here and that way lies in the fact that Santo Domingo is located on the shore of the island, and therefore is a major port city in the country. The line also is trying to get closer to the shoreline as close as possible so that people can fully enjoy the subway. The advantages of this mode of transport in the city just obvious - you can very well drive around town and do not fall into either the plug just sitting on the subway. Similarly, you can save money if you go on the subway, and not on the bus.

Building a fast, cheap, high quality

As you can see, there are many reasons why you can travel on the subway, and not another form of transport because it is underground, in this case is more convenient transportation for the movement of a large city. This subway is small - a branch has a length of 14 kilometers, and the city is located approximately 16 stations. In sum, it is not very much, but if you see that the Metro carries for 200 000 people every day, it immediately appears a large crowd of people, which is waiting for his train. But even here the picture is wrong. Trains go here often enough to prevent people from accumulating on the platform. That is why is it that Metro in Santo Domingo carries a large number of passengers, even without any problems, which are usually associated with young underground. As a general rule, if a little underground, the trains go there at long intervals, but here the interval between trains was normal - five minutes, and now comes to the new train station. This is not achieved in every city and every country, but here, where public debt is growing at a few billion, have achieved such amazing results. That is why the current republic is becoming a serious rival Cuba in the Caribbean, because it begins the stage of rapid development - only in the presence of the underground. To build a subway for 4 years is quite a difficult job, but the builders have done it, but did not apply for help almost anywhere, because not enough money for foreign specialists. And everything was done independently. Well, now we see what people are capable of when you want to create something useful for the city or country.

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