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Copenhagen subway map

The world's best subway

If you are asked, where is the world's best subway - take the time to answer, that this is a subway in America or England. Worse, if you say that the subway is located somewhere in Asia. In fact, the world's best metro for the recognition of the entire world community in Denmark, the capital of this great country called Copenhagen. Metro has appeared not so long ago - it was opened in 2002, but it was originally designed and built closer to our age. In general, subway here is not only a very Copenhagen, but also in a few cities that are part of a small local agglomeration. Due to the fact that there is a close relationship with nearby cities, the underground has become one of the ways the relationship between them. Actually, since we are talking about the best underground world, then we can talk about it very much. To start, you say that Subway is not on this site - immediately after the completion of construction, it was stated that the subway after a few years will be continued, which will look like a ring, and an additional branch of a plant. As a result, the number of branches and stations will be doubled, which will, undoubtedly, a serious growth. At the moment Copenhagen metro has only two branches, 21 kilometers and 22 subway station. During the day, Metro carries only 137,000 people, which is a little bit, if we compare this number with other subways nearby countries. Generally, such a small number of people connected only with the small size of the underground, because if there was a ring line, then the people who use the subway, it will be much greater.

Beauty everywhere

So, reviewing the points that are usually referred to the statistics, go to the description of the underground with a more artistic point of view. In general, the underground is not only underground, there is also still part of the ground, which allows trains to travel on the surface of the city, and train passengers enjoy the surroundings. All the tunnels were dug to a depth of a solid 25 to 33 meters. This is not the deepest subways, but deep enough to have to go down a couple of minutes on the escalator. For those who cannot use the escalator, use other methods - such as the ability to take a ride down the elevator - the set of elevators at each station allows people to safely descend without any problems with the escalators. In addition, there are many other systems that make people's lives a lot easier. For example, a system that controls the opening and closing the doors on the train. If there are people between the doors, the doors are closed just as if it did not want the engineer. As the doors open you cannot go, no one will not go anywhere, as long as people are not free up space at the door. As a result, the Metro in Copenhagen always all go quietly and peacefully, because they know that they risk being late for work if they are too much noise at the door. To pay the fare on the subway can be a variety of ways, however, the most popular in recent years has become the method of payment using smart cards, which can be replenished in his spare time, but use them when boarding the train. With these cards you can save money, because when you use this card supposed to discount the same way as the purchase of a large number of coins or travel for a few days. The savings are everywhere.

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