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Prague subway map

Metro Prague, The Czech Republic

The only subway system in the Czech Republic is the Prague metro. This post was first launched in the spring of 1974, is one of the main means of transport in the capital, as it is the fastest and cheapest form of transport, and a network of three lines of messages. Prague metro is ranked seventh in the Western Europe and the eighteenth in the world in terms of passenger traffic. On the day the number of passengers varies from half to two million people.
In 2002, the metro system was seriously damaged during the flood, but in 2004 after the reconstruction system has been restored in full. Reconstruction included a well and work to strengthen the existing tunnels. To date, work is underway to expand the roads. In 2014 work will be completed to expand the route to the West at 6 km long with the opening of four additional stations. It is also planned to build a fourth line that connects Prague Central Station from the south-eastern part of the city, but at the moment of freezing due to lack of funding. The resumption of construction is planned no earlier than 2020. In addition, there are plans to build a circular line.

Description of Subway

To date, the Prague subway system consists of three lines of messages. The separation of these lines is on the letter and color markings. Thus, the line "A" in the diagrams depicted in green, "B" - yellow, and "C" - red. Total network is 59.3 km long and connects 57 stations. Of these, line A has 13 stations with a length of 10.99 kilometers, the line B - 24 stations and 25.7 km, and the line C - 20 stations in length 22.61 km, respectively. Three of the stations that are located in the center of Prague, and the points are both transplants to other subway lines. Most stations have a lot of exits and the distance between them can be quite large. Given the greater part of a small part of the nodive underground stations, many of them are equipped with escalators. At the same time more and more stations are equipped with special lifts for lifting the movement of people with disabilities. At the same time, the Prague metro and distinctly the longest escalator in the EU 87 metres up for service station «Náměstí Míru» Line "A", which is located at a depth of 58 metres under the ground.


Movement of the Prague metro starts at 4:34 am (line C), and lasts until 0:30. Unlike other transport underground at night does not provide additional routes. In the transport system of Prague tickets are valid for all types of transport: metro, tram and bus, as well as Vltavska river crossing on the Vltava river and Petrin funicular. In addition, tickets are on the commuter rail service in the city (so-called lines of S). Tickets can be purchased for travel on several stations (the duration of the ticket is calculated for half an hour). It also provides for the implementation of travel documents is nice for a period of 5 days (jízdenka), up to longer periods of months and one year (kupon). For pupils and students is provided a system of benefits and discounts.

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