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Is it not necessary? And then construct

In Croatia's capital plan to build underground, which will be able to carry passengers only on the capital. All metro stations will be scattered throughout the level - some of them will be under the ground, and some will go to the surface, so that you can use them, rather than digging tunnels of different levels. However, the problem of construction of underground in Croatia is based not only on the surface, but also in the city budget. It is all explained very simple: the numerous plans and projects subways, which were created at different times, led only to the fact that millions were released only on papers and projects. Approximately 5 projects yielded nothing, that is, they just happen to be in the archives or the same in the garbage - but those plans did not even start building. In general, the Metropolitan was supposed to be easy - so say researchers who studied the traffic flow in the city. They said that the transport in the city so far is sufficient, but if the population grows, we need only light underground. The fact is that even the smallest subway is not an easy class can carry 50,000 people per hour. In this project the amount of the Zagreb designated as 15-20 thousand people. Therefore, the best option - it is the creation of light metro, which could carry a sufficient number of people, but he would not be a burden on the municipal budget. In particular, the projects provided a solid light metro costs, despite the fact that the area would have been a lot of lines that would go only on the ground, but not underground. For example, even the first branch, the length of which was to be equal to 22 kilometers, had at least 15 kilometers, which would go to the ground. This means that with respect to all underground transport was obtained a solid gain no less than 20% of the principal value.

Best is the enemy of the good

But in general, at times, not only to decide whether the money on the construction of the subway. Sometimes the plan is rejected solely because the subway is unsuitable for the city. So it was with two plans, which were created at the turn of the century. At present, presented a plan by which the metro will be built only in the form of 56 kilometers fabric, and therefore require a larger budget than was required for the previous plan. Metro will cost approximately half a billion more than previously. At the same time increased the price per kilometer: the government was presented that more than 40 million needed to pay that to create a span between the stations (on average). However, for complete happiness will be equal to the total amount of about 5 billion. That's a lot for Croatia, which has an average budget of a little more of this figure. But because Metro will be built a few years, and perhaps even more than a decade. But it has not yet begun construction, even, so there is still an option, that the new project will be implemented in the government even before, as to be built. So did one of the famous engineers of the country - he proposed to reduce the subway, a new principle of construction of the subway specifically for this city. As a result, the cost of construction has fallen to a few tens of percent. But construction has not begun - and suddenly you will create a plan that would be even better, and therefore would be ideal for the city - cheap and fast, but it is also very convenient.

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