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In the city of Xi'an subway opened in 2011 - the year it was started up two sites, which covered only a small part of the city, because more is not yet enough money. Despite the fact that the project was launched only last year, his plan began in the early eighties. Then this plan is called a completely different and involves the construction of an entirely different order of stations and subway lines in the city. Time was quite small, given the fact that the city is home to a lot of people - nearly 7 million people, and the subway at that time was not yet in sight. The plan has changed several times, his last update was in 2006 when, in fact, the construction of a new subway in China. As a result, in 2011, was put two branches, which according to the plan, first called the second, and then the first, which began building in 2010 and launched together in 2011. The master plan proposes to build a subway for the remaining eight years of an additional 200 kilometers of railway line that connects the city with all its suburbs, people still live here very much, and the total transport has not.

Crisis construction period

There is a slight chance that the Metro will be delayed much longer than originally planned, because the plan did not assume the availability of the global crisis. If in the case of an ideal development, underground in the city would grow each year, but now even the complete opening of the second line is postponed for 2013, the state has managed to save money. Generally, when the subway was built, was the most important thing - to ensure constant communication between the main transport hubs in the form of airport and railway station and business center. In second place was a priority group of lines, which are residential areas and business centers - as a result of the first two lines would not go along, they would intersect not far from downtown. In the end it turned out that the two branches, which are still here, there, have a single intersection, and simply can not get the proud title of the urban public transport network. Only after the remaining branches will be built underground, which is scheduled for about five pieces, all of the resulting design would be a network. But so far it's just two lines underground. Both branches are laid under the ground, so it is entirely in the subway tunnels, underground, and only a few miles are on the ground. That is why it so difficult to obtain finance. In most Chinese cities, which already has a subway, it's on the ground, and because it is cheaper here have dug numerous tunnels, which are often much more expensive than trains and finishing stations. So we can safely say that until the end of the crisis in the world, a new metro in Xi'an will not be built with the same speed with which it was built earlier, before the crisis. However, given the fact that already has a branch, part of the subway has to be repaid, so the construction should not take a long time, because profitable projects themselves are investors from all over the globe.

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