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25 stations on the same branch

In Wuhan, a few years ago opened the first and so far the only branch of the underground, which in the future should become a network of roads throughout the city - only seven branches planned. But so far the city is not so much money to ensure that the construction of a large number of roads at the same time, so long as people are only one branch, which is located about 25 subway stations. In general, we should not yet even hope that in the near future there will be several branches, because the city is on the river, and several branches of the scheduled number of well require a bridge across it. Construction of conventional bridges - it is a big problem for the city budget, but the construction of bridge subway, even for light rail, too, is not the cheapest way to connect the two banks of the river by public transport. That's why so far the only thread that is marked with a blue color is only part of the land without a bridge. To understand that the construction of bridges for the metro - it's expensive, it is worth noting that there is required a material that is several times stronger than ordinary material for highway bridges. In general, the money has not.

The city is - and construction is

Nevertheless, people are so far underground that is at their disposal and are satisfied with it. Because blue is a branch of the river itself, which allows people to collect all of the first residential neighborhoods, and then distribute them to their places of work. So the first branch of Subway is very well chosen. On the other hand, practice shows a completely different side of the project - station located correctly, the very branch is a little different than it should be, in practice, that's why the city is losing money, instead of receiving them by public transport. The branch passes downtown, so many office workers get there either on their machines, or by taxi. The historic city center, for various reasons, too, was not affected, so very few tourists prefer to go there by subway. And in order to fulfill the plan for the construction of additional branches of Metro Wuhan, requires that the first branch out even for self-sufficiency, because while it is unprofitable to build new branches do not make any sense. However, people still rely on the fact that the metro will be built, because the situation on the roads of the city is truly awful - constant traffic jams on the bridges over the river threaten that they will fail much earlier than planned in their construction, but because every month immediately brings the city to a complete collapse. Nevertheless, future lines are already under construction - this is shown by numerous construction projects that began around the city. Because of this it is clear that the problem is solved in the city roads are much faster than people might expect. But as long as the roads are built, highways yet occupied houses workers - in the middle of the roadway are small plywood huts that serve as shelter for a large labor force. As long as that construction is well underway, and the city is in the opposite traffic.

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