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Tianjin subway map

The second station of China

The Chinese people are very industrious in general - even in metro cities they are building for a few months, despite the fact that in other countries it takes a very long time. And they are very clever - it is accepted in other countries numbered subway lines in order, but here was first laid the first line, and then immediately ninth. Why was it done that way, they know only the builders. Generally, in the city of Tianjin subway opened a second, after Beijing. This subway is not as big as the capital, but he develops quite well, and therefore we can say that it is the metro is very convenient to get around the city in any direction. As people in China live a lot, the presence of the underground in nearly every city would be required. So, let's see what a Metro Tianjin. Here, as mentioned earlier, there are only two branches of Metro, which numbered a very strange way. But this is not so important - the main thing that generally have only two branches, which run through the city. Further, a very important point that one branch - this is a common underground, and a second branch - Metro light. Experiments with different combinations of subways allow the Chinese to improve the system of roads and underground facilities, because that can be used to build new branches.

Opening of the reconstructed

In general, the construction of the subway began much earlier than it was open. Build started in 1970 and completed as many as in 1984. Then the line was opened trial of 8 stations, which operated until its closure in 2001, when the reconstruction of the subway in the city. After reconstruction and improvements, five years later, the branch has grown and gained another 14 stations. The originality of the subway is that it is not so deep underground, as they lay the subways. In just three meters separates the bottom tunnel from the surface of the earth. In some places, even underground laid on dried channel, thus saving a lot of money to dig tunnels under the city. The ninth line of the underground is an easy subway, which opened in 2006. Due to the presence of light metro line, people can now get into the new quarters, which were built for a couple of years earlier. Thus, the presence of two different types of branches of the subway is very convenient for city dwellers. Tianjin is a large and growing city, but because he always want to move people, but because all the people who ride the subway, try to opt for this more convenient time. This is because that one line is running at less than 3.5 hours. Easy subway closes too early, which is not very convenient for residents, but the main subway is much longer - and this is a definite plus. At the same time, passage to the light station is on a more expensive yuan, and the entire cost of travel depends only on where you're going to go on the subway. In the future we plan to build a few more branches underground, which will fill the room from the second to eighth, so that you can normally travel around the city without a large number of transplants.

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