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Shenzhen subway map

As a ruler

In the city of Shenzhen in China, in 2004, a new subway. It was another major project in the history of China, because so little is really the size of subways. First, it has five subway lines that have a lot, considering the number of cities, where only one branch. Second, there is nearly 150 metro stations, scattered throughout the city, and the length of all branches for a total of almost 180 kilometers. If you look at the map, it becomes immediately clear that this branch is really long. They are not bent - except among some of the stations there are certain turns - just common thread is never bent. Due to this equality of all people go to their stations around the same time - not in these places where people would get to their stations for much longer than those who live in another area. But the city is growing - so there are new neighborhoods, and, consequently, the new branch of the subway. The city center is almost no place to build up, so there are no major changes will not be allowed unless another branch, if it is found the place, after which the main line again unloaded. In general, the development plans of the underground are - want to extend the existing branches to cover all suburbs, as well as to build a few more intermediate lines, which could relieve those branches that are already in the city. So plan for the next 20 years is another 160 kilometers of track.

Metro students

As for the metro project in the city. It's not just planned - the first two branches were opened at the same time, when the World Student Games in the city. Especially for the arrival of many visitors, students and senior officials, so as not to lose face, was created by Metro. In the future, Metro will expand, because people liked the new form of transport, which allows you to navigate through the city fast enough and still pay for their travel relatively little money. A definite plus trains that ply in the city is not even the fact that they move with small intervals of time, and that neither made up of six cars. Let this composition will start a little longer than the train, which is only 4 cars, but the people and he will be able to carry a lot more. This is to ensure the greatest comfort of passengers - trains run roughly five-minute interval, but because you can sometimes get seated, and no one will mind. Convenience, which is created in each metropolitan Chinese city is very difficult to overestimate - not many people know that you can ride with large facilities that provide local subway. As for the money issue, the Chinese are conservative as always - there are discounts for seniors and students, the usual fee is not very expensive, and therefore benefits from such a ride public transportation for people much more than those who prefer to stand in traffic jams on city roads. In any case - it's all very convenient not only because it is low prices - there is still a great service.

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