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Shenyang subway map

Subway line in the city

In the city of Shenyang Metro has expressed only one branch, but it is enough to ensure that people who go to work at the center, or to study or just on business, could take the subway. However, the originality of this project lies in the fact that the underground construction of which started before all the subways in all of China. And it could be a first, but attempts to improve it or to have failed, but some problems haunted the builders as the construction of new projects. In the fifties, was created the first plan of the underground. But then it turned out that every ten years the construction plans are constantly changing, and eventually began to build the subway alone in the twenty-first century, and since 2009 has begun the testing procedure is received subway. Because not only the underground city was built according to plans, but also the city with the war years was prepared for the construction of bunkers and underground tunnels, a large part of the city center, despite the fact that it was a very big city was not built up with buildings. That is why the subway project, launched a new design in 1995 was brought to life pretty quickly. As for what has been built, everything is pretty standard - the only subway line that was built, runs through the entire city from east to west. Almost 28 kilometers of fabric were stretched across the city, but so far it is not enough. The only line may provide only a minimum - it will not be able to ensure maximum cleanliness of streets throughout the city.

Metro - is not only a means of transportation

That is why the plan that was created many years ago, involves the creation of a fairly large number of lines, which then stretch across the city. The only thing that is already being done - is the gradual extension of the original branches, and the further creation of additional branches, which will be connected with the first at various points to the expense of the center, formed a kind of ring. So far, only one branch is built, the rest are in the planning stage - old drawings are unsuitable for construction. Therefore, the line under the numbers 3, 4 and 5 are still at the planning stage. As to what is already built, the line is very well almost near the business center, goes to a lot of people, captures large areas of residential areas - from 20 stations in residential neighborhoods away at least four stations, as well as the industrial area, which is also a major center and the point where people regularly travel. The construction of the city was not only a large tunnel under the city, as planned half a century ago the military, he also received a lot of advantages. Indeed, in extreme cases such underground can be used as a protective structure, if something goes war. Yes, and all branches of Metro, which are located at depths greater than 5 meters can be called. That's why subways are being built in many cities with at least a minimal part of it, laid under the ground. This was the case here. Despite the existence of the plan and the opportunity to build a subway right on the ground with a cheaper labor force, began to build a subway under the ground, so that in case of danger could be to do everything possible for the city.

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