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The young and already a large underground

Despite the fact that this station is still quite young, it develops very quickly. Suffice it to say that there is already built five branches, although there are already 12. And so the plans will generally be more than 30 branches in just 15 years. And though now of Shanghai Metro carries more than 7 million people daily, soon, when the new lines will be put into operation, this number will increase even more. But in general it has a fairly large metro length - 420 km. All lines intersect with each other, forming an intricate network - but only enough to buy a card, and all will become clear immediately. This is done for the people underground, like many other metro systems, built in China. For people who are elderly or disabled you can easily find the elevators and escalators, which they can climb up or go down. To describe the data have large screens at each station - they can see all the useful and necessary information about the trains. The display can find information about train arrivals and their end-stations and all that is required passenger. For tourists at each station there is information on what sights can be found at the next station. In general, the subway is quite easy and done in a very practical, except that some lines are not quite cope with the pressures on them - it happens only because the lines were built initially, and were not designed for such loads, although 15 years ago it was impossible to say how much Passengers will be on the line. Because of this there is a significant overload of the two central lines. But the imminent introduction of new lines certainly reduces the load on the main two, and then you can avoid the crush of the subway at rush hour.

The rapid development of

Although, if you count the growth of the city, the construction of the subway is only slightly faster than the speed of city growth and development. But it's easy to fix - that is added in the near future has five lines, and then they will start construction of a few lines - and then will be seen that the metro has grown very rapidly. But the fact that 18 years have been built such a big subway - it's just a record, there is no longer the world's subway is so small age, but this is great for overall mileage of lines. But enough to admire the size of the metro, but better is to talk about what station can provide ordinary people. First, it is a cheap subway. Compared with European and South Korean subway, subway in Shanghai is not just cheap, it's very cheap. Travel any distance to the subway where you can at prices ranging from 3 to 8 yuan, it is little more than a dollar. Pretty cheap, is not it? Another plus - the system is very easy to connect with the railway network of suburban trains, which will allow the system to grow even more, as well as the availability of standard sizes of track, which allows Metro to develop a serious purchased at the expense of European cars. For example, here is mainly used by German cars from Siemens. Therefore, the metro is very convenient not only at the stations, but also inside, so it is very easy to use this subway and people living in the city and visitors, and even foreign tourists from other countries.

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