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Nanjing subway map

Another light metro

Easy subway more and more into our lives. Most of the mayors and governors prefer to build their cities metro system is not heavy, but easy and convenient metro, which allow people to travel around the city in comfort. And even if such systems are sometimes in an unfinished state, there is nothing wrong - people can still ride the subway with the same advantages. After all, unlike the usual light-rail is only the width of the track (and, hence, the car). Since there is less and less, so you can spend less money, and the number of passengers will remain the same, if we reduce the interval between trains. Therefore, there are no problems with the transportation of passengers. That was the subway in Nanjing, and - here in the metro opened in 2005, and only at that time a branch was fully established on the basis of light-rail. Then opened a second branch, and now it is 57 light metro stations on 87 km of the railway. Metro passes through the town and a little deeper into the suburbs, and so now can avoid a lot of traffic jams. As will be held in Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, we are exactly 4 years before they started the subway was put in full. Both are branches of the subway in the city, and the green line goes around the beautiful large lake in the north. Thus, the new metro has become a symbol of upcoming sporting events in China.

Plus cars, plus the road

If we talk about the location of branches, you can easily get from one branch to another, if you know exactly where you need to change - there are two stations, which can change from blue to green branches and vice versa. That is why the practicality of the subway is at a height. Instead of doing one intersection, there were two - first, because it is more convenient for residents of both ends of the city, and secondly, these transplants form a ring, so the people who work in the center, can equally well go the other way if with the right side is something wrong (for example, too many people). In any case, you can always go home, because in this metro had no problems ever. But the subway is not standing still. Nanjing Mero will be increased soon, so you can make it even more practical, - 40 km line at number three will soon be opened for residents of the city of Nanjing. Also, for those who live on the opposite bank of the Yangtze River, also have good news - the subway is now held in the new quarters, absorbed back by about 14 and a half miles, which has a positive impact on the state of roads in the area, especially the old bridges that require repair. Of the compounds so far only 20 moves, each of which consists of six cars. That is all there are 120 cars. In the future we plan to buy another 270 cars in car-building company that was enough for all the compositions of all three branches. Therefore, the development of the underground - this is a serious step for the city's budget, because the cars are an expensive pleasure, which clearly does not have to perform immediately. But as they say, wait and see, because the station - this is an ambitious project that can not be built rapidly and immediately, otherwise we will have to redo everything later.

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