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If this article written 30 years ago, then it would not have applied the subway to China, and to England, because Hong Kong had not yet been Chinese territory, and the subway, which opened in 1979 belonged entirely British. But times are changing, and this means that the subway now, as Hong Kong belongs to China. The first branch of the subway was opened in the last century, but when the city began to grow dramatically, he took a rapid increase in the subway. Generally, no tense debate about where to build new lines, and where practical and profitable to build new branches, because it has already built 10 branches and 12 branches of Metro light rail covering a fairly large area of ??the city, while passenger traffic is constantly growing. So you want to create a new branch - but the question is, what is unknown, it would be better to expand the coverage area, or offer to lay a few branches between the existing branches within the city. While the debate goes, the trains are constantly moving and transporting a huge number of people - more than 7 million people daily, while the annual Metro uses more than half a billion people. And, accordingly, all the advantages of the local underground by the rules of courtesy, free of charge to older people, and cost half as much for children and students. As for the working population, the cost of travel in the metro is not so high, that allows to use the subway almost every day.

In a land and water

Despite the large number of islands and straits that divide the city into pieces, subway, built in Hong Kong, joined all the islands highest metro bridge. There are about 10 bridges that connect all the islands together - on these bridges and trains moving at high speed, which allows travel long distances in less time. All of them entirely to the creation of the most versatile of railways throughout the islands, which still is not found in any other part of the globe. In order to fully establish this system, it took a lot of money, resources and forces, which at times were wasted, because originally it was rebuilt the subway a few times, so you can rebuild a more suitable option for the city. Among the features of the local train station can be noted that ply at certain points of the city. For example, in 2005 opened at Disneyland, where it took an entire line, as every year, this tourist destination visited by millions of people, which means that they all require additional space, not only in the city, but also on the road, so you can quickly and easily get to the destination without traffic jams and fatigue. These subways are not everywhere - in some cities around the world, of course, there are several subways, in which there are special trains, but here a special train to Disneyland even executed on a special - a window in it in the form of the profile of a famous cartoon character, who is known around the world. As for the metro in Hong Kong at all, then you can very quickly be on another island, in another part of town where you've never been. Given the relatively large length of the journey on the subway, you will definitely see the sea and ocean, and islands, as well as several important straits which are very nice with a metro bridge height. In general, the subway in Hong Kong is very beautiful and comfortable.

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