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Guangzhou subway map

Versatile Underground

Another Subway, located in China - is the underground city of Guangzhou. This is where you can find the subway lines that lie flat, without the numerous distortions and bends. Local Metro begins its history in 1989, although it only opened in 1999. In total there are 5 local subway lines - the three go from north to south, and the two go side to side. The total length of lines is 116 kilometers, and is on their 80 stations. Most stations are located outside of downtown, so in the suburbs in the distance spans a fairly large, and this gives an additional average distance between stations. What there is, moreover, that this station is the fourth in China in the run-time? First, the Guangzhou - this is a very large city, but because every day of the underground city for not less than one and a half million people, and on some days the number increased almost twofold. Among the metro lines are completely underground, and there are those who are entirely above ground. Thus, the first and second lines are underground, and none of their stations are not provided at the top. On the other hand, the line number 4 is located entirely above ground and there is no point that does not leave the city under the ground. Because of this we can say that such differences in the branches allow people to travel more comfortably. After all, much easier when a branch or under the ground is entirely, or vice versa, because the constant flicker of light in the window will not allow you to focus on current affairs.

Big up, big plans

Another advantage of such a large underground - a lot of cars, and hence the trains. Considering that most trains are made up of four cars, there are nearly 200 formulations that meet their daily flights to the city. On different lines are trains from different manufacturers. This is mainly local factories, but there is a line on which the German technology used for construction. But for the most part it is still local producers who care about national interests. In general, the Metropolitan is not standing still, as expected. If now there are only five branches, it is already preparing for two more, which should open almost to the day, if not already opened. In the near future we plan to build another four branches, which will be added to the main subway, and the remaining branches will be postponed to a distant future. In theory, if they are laid 4 more branches, the subway will increase in length of 80 kilometers, and the prospects for the next few decades will make it possible to increase the length of the subway up to 600 kilometers. Despite the fact that the subway is still under construction, which is constantly growing fleet of trains, the length of the growing - the price of travel is stable. Enough to pay from 2 to 12 yuan, so that you can ride the subway anywhere and not worry about anything. The city provides a discount system for children, students and seniors, ages ranging from 60 to 64 years. If you happen to more than 65 years, then you can safely go free. The same goes for people with disabilities. As a result, the subway could be called even social - in fact everything is done for the people. But so do all the developed countries.

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