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Foshan subway map

A small station for a small town

The only branch of the subway in the city of Foshan was built in 2010. This town is not as big as the others, and 8 million people live in it is not so original subway in this city turned out like that. To make it possible to use the subway in this city, it was enough just to do an eight-year construction project in the city, but because it turned out that 8 years have been built just 20 kilometers and 14 stations in all the way. Of course, this is still only the beginning, because at the time of the subway is running in test mode - which stations are most popular, which should be added so that people get more functionality or to become permanent in the local subway passengers. In any case, in order to continue the development of the metro network in the city requires that some research was conducted, which would show what is required for further development of the metro. In any case, even if the results are very mixed, even minor improvements will provide new underground data in order to be able to further develop underground.

Subway Stairs

The subway line, built in the city, like a ladder - marked on the map in yellow, it passes to the south of the city up to its northern borders. Therefore, this line intersects the city subway only minimally, which is very inconvenient for residents, even though non-specific form of subway lines, one can immediately conclude that this station is not enough for the big city. Therefore, in future, there are several contingency plans for various urban developments. In order to fully cover the entire territory, there is to be built in 2016, another branch, and by 2020 another. The result will be that all three lines will cover most of the city. For a further term development plans of the city no more, because there are slight differences in the cost, because money is not enough. In general, the main task so far - to finish the line number one. It so far is only 20 kilometers, and is planned to construct 32 kilometers on this line, so that you can finish building was quiet the rest of the line. As a result, the most important thing for the city at the moment - is to get a new grant for further development of the underground, because there is a program through which cities receive state funding for the construction of the subway. If this is done, over the next 10 years, Metro will increase by several times. That is why the further development of this part of China will be swift, if only because, in Foshan city finally will have its own metro station, which will relieve congestion on city streets, and residents of the persistent problems. So far, the apparent advantages of this are hidden underground, because there is not such a great length, and therefore at the center, for example, there are still traffic jams that impede travel to work. Therefore, in order to enjoy the city without the traffic jams have to spend some more time. But as we have already mentioned this, because it requires large amounts of cash.

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