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Dalian subway map

But it might not be!

In this town, which 100 years ago did not even have the slightest chance to become a major city with a population of more than three million, recently opened metro. Some people even could not think that the subway in the city is generally used to open, but nevertheless, it was opened, and then began active development of not only the city but also the subway at all. In general, the story began in the metropolitan city of Dalian in the same way as in several other cities. Initially, cruised the streets the trams, which gradually became so much to interfere with the movement of other vehicles that the city just picked up and removed all trams. More precisely, the eight tracks, which proved to be quite a serious blow to all the tram lines, already suffering from the constant traffic jams and lack of people. After removal of trams, people have lost public transport and private cars move on, leaving only the situation became much worse. To avoid further problems and to build a trolley route that also would be extremely disadvantageous for the city, it was decided to build a subway in the city. But it was not just a subway in the conventional sense - the construction of underground tunnels were too expensive for the city's budget, and dig tunnels under the streets were too dangerous - the dense buildings of the city could lead to another collapse on the road in case of even a small accident. Therefore, Metro Dalian - a light rail that runs on a single metro line marked on all maps in dark green.

The first branch, second branch

If we talk about the subway itself, it was built and allowed to fully only in 2008 - is one of the newest underground country. The only line in the near future can not become one - if the fork in the center of the city continues, it will allocate a separate branch, which will take residents to the north and the suburbs. The advantages of underground are in a lot. In addition, it is easy subway, and it is entirely above ground, it moves pretty quickly due to the fact that a 63 kilometer road has only 20 stations, which means that between them is about three kilometers of roads. It is difficult to judge whether this distance, however, to be precise, it should be noted that the current station is much better than before the trams were working. First, the subway does not take any regular road band, and therefore does not affect the cork with a bad hand. And secondly, is the metro very well that reduces the number of people traveling on their own transport, and therefore improves the situation on the roads of the city. The only problems that are associated with the underground in the city of Dalian - a very long time between trains. To wait for the next train, sometimes have to wait for 20 minutes. But this is that the economic costs - if in future the number of trains will increase, people will be able to ride in a more convenient time for them and do not be late for work. But for now trains at 63 kilometers have little, there are about two dozen, so now people can only dream that they will not wait for the train for 20 minutes.

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