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Chongqing City has recently struck by the epidemic underground - it was opened for three subway lines, each of which intersects with the other two branches. In this way it becomes possible to create some semblance of a ring - for the people is much more convenient than a single thread, which sends people only in one direction and to get to another part of town, often have to change trains. In general, the subway in the city of Chongqing is a project of China. More precisely part of it. Because in China there are so many cities with a population of many millions, the government decided to create a project that would allow the city to build subways with a state-sponsored, not for their hard-earned money. That is why the metro in Chongqing - a project of the whole country. That is why the subway was built so quickly - for 13 years, was built three branches of Metro, which formed a small grid in the city. More precisely the grid - a small triangle that is formed by the intersection of all the branches, so get good likeness of the line loopback, which lies not far from downtown. In general, while only 3 were built branches, but these three branches are 60 stations, and the total length of lines is 75 kilometers. However, city officials are not going to stop there, because it still is not enough to cover the needs of urban public transport, as is required in fact, a lot more lines and trains people to finally left the streets, traffic jams have disappeared, and the motion was more organized. As for the subway, it is done in such a way that one branch of it is underground, and the other two branches - land.

Construction of non-stop

The plans of construction - a minimum of three branches. All of them will have a standard length of about 20-30 kilometers each, which will add another 60 stations in all three lines. Most likely they will go much further than previously intended, and therefore there is nothing wrong with that now throughout the city are working to build new branches of the subway, because the most important project for Chongqing Metro - is speed, because the funding is already and it is most important. In general, having enough money, you can immediately get all that is required, but should also take into account the speed of work. Therefore, plans for the next three branches, which will soon appear in the city, designed for the next five years, which means that the building is nearly full swing (15 kilometers paths or tunnels for the year). There are very few cities in a world where subways were built as rapidly as in that city. And while many may be attributed to the nature of the pace of construction of Chinese, in fact, nothing like this - just have an urgent need to create an entire public transport system that could provide people with access to all areas of the city for a low price and thus would create a high speed and maximum convenience for people. As you can see, most Chinese underground unlike European ones, because they were built much later, so most of the lines is not trying to bury in the ground, as can be seen in Latin America. The simpler the design, so it is better and cheaper, according to this principle of the subway builders in Chongqing. And when the subway is built very quickly, glad that all the inhabitants of the city.

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