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Chengdu subway map

Little Big Town

The city of Chengdu in China is not so great, but it definitely needs a subway because it is a small town just in terms of all Chinese cities. Indeed, the average size of the city in China is about one million people. That is why the city of Chengdu was another city where the subway was built, because the need for it was just obvious. Imagine that hundreds of thousands of people every day, constantly sit behind the wheel to go to work, and then after 10 hours they happily go back. To be able to make these people did not use their own transport, and were transferred, for example, the subway, it should first build, which requires a lot of money, time and money. Information about this Subway too little, because the information in the media generally pass only those people who are interested in finding investors willing to give a lot of money for the construction of any object. And what a joy to ordinary people from the fact that in the near future it will be nearly three hundred miles of track? After all, they do not have yet, and therefore will not be any good, because nothing on which to ride.

What is there?

But let's talk about what is in the city now than people can use right now - to go out, take the train and go to a specific location. Certain places on this line ire not so much because there are only 16 stations, where you can get to go on. By itself, this line is a chord that passes through the entire city, including downtown, part residential and part industrial zone. Such a bond of at least reduce the number of cars at least a couple of streets, but what to do next to reduce the number of cars on nearby streets, as well as all over the city? That is what the next development plan aims not only to the city, but the underground in general, because only it can save the streets from excessive number of vehicles. Therefore, from the present one and only branch in the near future, should depart at least another six branches. All these branches are a natural extension of the metro and the metro will be part of this land, and part of the underground, at least in part to save money on construction of the subway, which may become too expensive for the city, which receives no monetary support here from the state. That is why it is necessary that part of the subway began to make money - and it happens, the branch station, opened in September last year, slowly but surely goes to self-sufficiency, because people get used to the new transport and willing to ride it instead of their private vehicles. And this is the goal, which set themselves the creators of the subway in the city. So Chengdu is gradually gaining momentum - until they built the subway in the city full of life, and this means that there is so far all is well, including the visitors of this city. They are, of course, a little bit, because this city is largely industrial, and does not apply to tourist centers, but to come to visit relatives is always possible.

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