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Changchun subway map

Two branches in one city

In the city of Changchun has recently opened another branch of Subway - Subway is now the city is nodivided into two branches. The first branch was opened in 2002, and the next one appeared in 2007. Easy subway, which is located here, has all the features of not only the usual underground, but also a tram that makes it very convenient to the subway for trips around town. As usually happens in large cities where the subway is just beginning its march, plans for a very large, despite the fact that the subway is not very large. It is planned that in the near future, this station will consist of more than 80 stations, which will be located on 190 kilometers of railways. All of this will try to do in less than 8 years that the city did not have time to get up into one big traffic jam. But so far there are only two branches - 31 and 35 kilometers respectively. In the process of construction is now two branches of Metro, which should make the traffic jams have become even less. Plans for the near future, certainly not as grand as in more distant periods of time, but still the two branches will add another 80 kilometers for roads within the city. But other than that so far there is nothing more to come, because the city, in this case has simply not ready to jump further in the subway. For example, if you look at the map, you can immediately see that there are no special difficulties, so the subway here is pretty simple.

Problems of construction

Compared with other cities, there are several factors that seriously hamper the development of the metro in Changchun - first, in the subway there is a lack of visitors due to the fact that the lines a little while. Second, the laying of tunnels on the plateau of solid rock is not cheap, but because money is never enough. In general, the laying of underground tunnels is required only in cases where the city has a very dense buildings, and go around the building with ramps can not be. If you look at the city, we can see that this can not be done, but because the most important - it is normal to pave the tunnels beneath the city. This is what the builders are engaged in the underground, which is gradually laid beneath the city. The lines were rented out in two stages each, which made so that you can gradually earn money for each re-built subway station. But money was not so much, so here is a standard metro, which can be found in any city in China. The only difference from the major metro is that there are more construction - in fact to bring 60 kilometers of roads to 180, requires a lot of time, and obviously for 8 years, the construction is finished. But for this to happen requires not so much, because if the metro line will be displayed beyond the limits of the city to the suburbs, there will build much faster, because the subway is built outside the city, usually on the ground, which makes the construction much cheaper . But, unfortunately, is not yet a priority is the construction of the subway, because the population is much smaller than the suburbs than the city, and build a subway in that part of the region, yet no one is going.

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