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Out of order

In 1969 he began to build the subway in Beijing, one of the largest in the world. Now there are only 14 branches located in 336 kilometers of lines in the city and suburbs, but the city government hopes to increase the number of branches to a much larger number of 28. All in all this rides the subway every day to and from work for more than five million people, and the total passenger traffic for the year amounts to nearly two billion people. Just imagine - two of China at the Beijing metro ride for a year. However, this amount will be increased if the number of branches will increase two-fold. But it only plans for 2015. Generally, among other differences from other Beijing subway station in the country - is the presence of special Olympic branches, which are building for the upcoming Beijing Olympics to be held in the coming years. We should also say that the fare is basically the same everywhere, but only a line to the airport costs 10 times more expensive. Although the relative prices in general, it is not very expensive. All subway lines, which were built after 1971, are indexed. There are the branches: 2,4,5,8,10 and 13. Among the development plan are the facts, which states that the gaps will be filled in numbers over time, just prior to 2015.

Going cheap and fast

So, once we started just over a conversation about the price of travel in the subway, you should continue this conversation, so you can learn, and how much you can do to ride the metro in Beijing. Most of the lines, which opened in Beijing, are not very expensive. It is not known how it looks on local prices, but to pay two yuan for a trip on the subway, which is about 30 cents, not much. Another thing, when the 25 RMB accounts go to the airport - but this means of transportation is not the poorest people. It was therefore decided to make a price on the road to the airport. In addition, you can buy the regular tickets and tokens, you can buy tickets for a month or a day. Interest in single-ticket is that they can make only one visit to the station - at the entrance you show it, but when people have returned from the subway, he paid the ticket, and it can be reused. Another advantage of - a child, growing up to 120 inches can pass free with an adult. There is no preference given to age, the main thing here is growth, because it determines the weight and other factors. The difference in two or three years, no one cares. Another important point is this time working underground. Despite the fact that Metro is working with five in the morning to midnight, most of the lines may be closed at 10 pm, the latter can take a train at 10, maybe 12. But after ten hours trains run often, so sometimes pointless to wait for a train, if you have more than 10 hours. But nevertheless, just not allowed to train at least - most people are guaranteed to finish work at about 8:00 pm, so 10 they just have time for all of its trains. As for those who have not had anywhere - it is as a rule, no one cares, because the bosses have to worry about, so people have time to go home. If you were in the minority, or you're out of luck, or you have a bad boss.

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