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Santiago subway map

Another large metropolitan

Oddly enough, but in South America there are many cities where there are large metros. And not just big on the scale of the city, namely the world-wide, because Chile was another country where there is underground with a length of 100 kilometers. Nevertheless, it can be classified as an incredibly intricate subway because the subway map view frightens more than its size. However, if you look at the map more closely, we can see that out of 108 stations, which also, incidentally, very much, there are a lot of interchange stations where you can safely transfer to another train. Here, these stations can be found no less than 15 pieces, despite the fact that only has five branches, which, however, overlap with other branches, sometimes even several times. The result is an intricate underground, where it is easy to get lost, even a local resident. What's really nothing to talk about the tourists, who often come to town for the holidays. In any case, if you find a subway map, it's okay with you at the local subway is not going to happen. If you get lost in the subway, then trust in your Spanish - only it will help you get back. In an extreme case, you can get up and leave in a taxi, which is much more expensive than the subway. Generally, speaking about the Metropolitan Santiago, he had a small age - he's not yet 40 years old, but he had already grown to a solid length of 114 kilometers and continues to evolve. At the same time, the Metro carries a very large number of passengers, much more than other metros, for example, even in Europe.

With comfort along the ridge

In general, if we talk turned to the passengers, there is a great attitude to them - in particular it may be noted a good level of comfort in cars, although they are not very spacious. This train does not take the size of cars, and their number. You can see not only the trains, which have four cars, but also those in which there are 6-7 cars. These trains run on the busiest routes, and time between trains is approximately 2-3 minutes. The average time per day increased to about 4 minutes. As a result, the daily passenger flow of close to two million people, so many and is one of the few results in the world. The rest of the metro is very similar to the rest of the world underground, because it also has both ground and underground parts of the metro, and in addition, you can find stations that are decorated with great love. Unfortunately, they are not very many, but because they find them to have to work hard. But it's worth the forces, because the beauty of these plants is really up to par. In general, Metro obtained a very beautiful, although there is a station on which the purity of watching a little worse than the central. At the same time, moreover, that there is a station on which it is already possible to find a crowd of passengers, there are some stations that are still being prepared for launch. In particular, the list contains more than 25 stations, which will add to the subway for another 35 kilometers of fabric. All these stations are preparing to start operating in the very near future, which means that people will soon be able to successfully make long trips on the subway to areas that previously were unavailable to them. But this happens only in the next few years, not before, because the process of preparation, though underway, but not fast enough to complete the work in the current year.

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