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In the underground city of Vancouver, which was built in 1985, you can get lost, but it is easy to find again. This can be achieved only by the fact that most of the lines and branches allows people to focus not only on the subway, but in general, but it means that you can very easily create a simple plan to travel around the city, especially considering the fact that the underground the city has an impressive length of 68 kilometers. Thanks to Subway, which has only three lines, brings a very large number of areas of the city and suburbs that were formerly connected with the city only by the normal roads. But now, under the city, and on the surface of the branches stretch of underground, but because people are now gone from the roads with their cars in the subway, which every day carries over 300,000 people, while the total number of people who ride the subway at this more than 130 million people every year. As a result, much of the city workers, including students and retired people, every day passes at least a quarter of the way from the metro average. The convenient location of branches has the people to what they can in any way to get to anywhere in the city from which you want the place. As it happens due to the fact that the line is located quite a number of stations that are uniformly distributed throughout the city. Of course, driving in the city is quite large, mainly because the average distance is seriously increased by the fact that many lines, or rather all the lines that go outside the city to the suburbs, the distance to which is several kilometers. For these reasons, it turns out that most of the lines becomes slightly more extended in terms of location of stations.

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Results in the city and suburbs is about 50 stations - 47, to be more accurate, but given the fact that the data in the city are not that fresh, it is possible to prevent a small error as to what had already appeared in several other stations, which greatly expanded the already large network of railways in the city. All lines have been built almost simultaneously, and therefore never had any problems with the transfer of the railway to improved control methods. By the way on how to control - it has an excellent subway system of artificial controls, but still never had any accidents on the line, which means that the system copes with his job. This ensures low cost of tickets, the lack of multiple queues at the box office - because you can always buy tokens in the machines. That is why we obtain a very high level of convenience, which is sometimes impossible to find even in big cities. Basically, it turns only because of the size - a large underground is very difficult to control the human factor is simply obliged to be present in the management of the entire system. But here, a short distance, it really was to create a management system that would operate all trains without crashing. The most important thing is not only that ticket prices are falling, but the fact that people are comfortable using the subway.

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