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Ottawa subway map

The smallest metro

In the city of Ottawa is located underground, which can be attributed also to the light rail, which is available in most other Canadian cities. The difference between this station from all the other lies in the fact that it is very, very small. It could be classified as a miniature subways, which have a length of less than 10 kilometers. It appeared in the underground city in 2001, and has not yet had time to develop to serious dimensions, which have other metros in neighboring cities such as Vancouver, for example. But there are advantages - a small metropolitan city has managed so far is not very expensive, but at the same time solved the problem of partial congestion - is allowed to move freely over another public transport. As a result, the underground city was one of the major arteries inside of it, because every day they enjoyed almost 15 million people, and for the big city and it is calculated on the number of cars is a big decision of the serious traffic problems. Among the advantages of Metro would also like to mention the possibility of using not only standard tickets for the subway, but also a variety of other tickets. There is a feature - getting off the bus, you cannot use the ticket given to you on the bus, but if you have exchanged on the bus on the same ticket on the other, then within 90 minutes you can on the same ticket, take the subway for free. A very handy thing, especially if you use the bus first, and then the subway.

Convenience always comes first

Of course, the convenience would be to enumerate almost endlessly, but the light rail station is well located on the ground, though not occupy a large area in the city, mainly due to the fact that there is no way to make this transport crossed the large, but and minor streets in the city. The entire Metro moves to leased lines, because it was made specifically to the streets of the city's already loaded vehicles have not been downloaded yet more, until the train passes. Yes, and to avoid the numerous accidents. Due to the small extent of the line trains run on it is not as common as in other cities. If you do have time between subway trains in the worst case is 8 minutes, here trains run every half hour to one and the other side, but with a shift in the 15 minutes of each other. As for the cost of travel to all eight kilometers (that is, to drive no more than 4 stations), then here you have to shell out serious - a relatively expensive trip will cost, because it is 2.85 here, as in the big city, although it ride have a lot more. But there are more amenities - Modern trains are no more than 10 years go very quiet, not very fast, so while you sit in your car, you can feel free to use anything, playing chess, doing things on your PC - all this available to you more than other vehicles, because there are no bumps or jolts, but the softness and comfort. Despite the size of the underground, it carries a lot of people. For example, in 2010, was transported 10 millions passengers of the underground, and therefore we can safely say that this transport is the way to go. As far as plans for future development, there is immediately necessary to clarify - the old plan was changed and a new branch implies a right to a local university. In any case, while it will happen soon.

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