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Another major city in Canada got its own subway a little later than the country's capital, Toronto. In October 1966 it was opened, after which he moved almost all of Earth's population - more than 6 billion people. Given the fact that this subway is under the ground - it is the world's largest underground subway. And at the same time, he carried a very large number of people. This in itself is a standard subway - with a width of 1435 millimeters, but with the standard used by trains still run on the tire compounds, which are very successfully combined with conventional trains. Because of this underground is even more unique thing, rather than without it. As for the standard values, this Subway has a length of just over 66 kilometers (a little more than a subway in Toronto), and on all lines is 68 subway stations. All this makes the subways more convenient, because the standard stretch between stations is about one kilometer. All the lines - is 4 branches, which are marked on the map in blue, green, yellow and orange flowers. Because of this can not be confused that the branches are in the wrong direction. But on the same map can be seen that among all branches of the longest is the orange and then green. The shortest branch - yellow. The branches of the opening and continually lengthened because now they are in a relatively stretched, which allows you to combine all of these branches into a single network.

Only 4 years - and the metro is ready

But it was not always. At the time of opening of the subway was only three branches, while the fourth, yellow, was built a year later because they needed transportation to transport people to another event, which took place in the city in 1967. More yellow line did not develop, while the other line is gradually increased. Actually, initially, no branch does not overlap with the other for the simple reason that they were built from different parts of the city, which eventually led to what is needed to connect these lines by a sharp lengthening. Metropolitan, which is now perhaps the most major metro across Canada, was built just four years. The project was launched in 1962, and over, as already mentioned, in 1967 - of course, this is a very high rate of construction. Then, after construction, the branches sometimes longer. In particular, the recent extension of the lines occurred in 1988, when the blue line was longer by a few stations. As a result, all the work it became possible to build a subway as it should be for the big city. However, since then it has been almost 30 years, but the subway is no longer expanding. Perhaps this was due to the fact that there is no sense to expand on the subway, the subway and it's so great city, and to build it further requires that the city has grown far more than he has grown over the past 25 years. As for the causes of construction - some branches were built for the Olympics, some of the exhibitions, and all the metro as a whole, as well as other metro systems around the world, built only in order to remove all cars from the road.

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